Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna

Success for Life

  • 26 Sunday
  • 14:00 - 15:30
  • £35.00

Workshop Details

Do you want to access your true potential?

Do you want to increase your confidence?

Do you want more motivation and resilience?

Do you want more happiness and joy?

Then this live coaching event is for you!

Paul McKenna wants to help you achieve more of your true potential in every area of your life. He has spent decades working with sports stars, rock stars, movie stars and business leaders to help them become super successful. Now, it’s your turn! Join him in this BRAND NEW show to unlock Success For Life!

He has distilled strategies that you can easily learn that will give you the edge in life and make you more successful. In this dynamic interactive coaching event, Paul will be using the latest psychological techniques to help you to move beyond your limitations and notice powerful changes in your thinking and behaviours.

Some people wait for the world to change before they think they can feel happy – Paul uses an 'inside-out' approach to success and happiness, because as you change on the inside, your whole life changes for the better.

If you want to crank up your confidence, clarity, creativity, resilience and happiness, then let Paul McKenna help you!

Presenter Bio

Paul McKenna, PhD. Is an international best-selling author.

His books have sold more than ten million copies and have been translated into 32 languages. He is the number one hypnotherapist in the World and is renowned for helping treat the most difficult problems.

Recognised by The Times of London as one of ‘the World’s most important modern self-help gurus” Paul McKenna is the UK’s most successful non-fiction authors. I Can Make You THIN is the best selling self-help book in UK history.

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