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Indulge in some retail therapy.

The festival would not be complete without immersing yourself in our vibrant Wellbeing Market. Here, you’ll discover independent organisations, companies and therapists with a wealth of experience, expertise, treatments and treats for you to sample, try and buy. Relax with a massage, discover some cool music, experience a therapeutic sound bath, connect with your soul through meditation and receive guidance from a spiritual reading. A fantastic opportunity to stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic beauty products, yoga supplies, supplements, candles, essential oils, handmade jewellery, crystals and so much more!

Ceremonial cacao and ancient plant medicines for spiritual and emotional transformation and well-being.

Discover unique blends of ancient healing plant medicines used for thousands of years by indigenous communities from Africa, South and Central America, and the South Pacific.

Our products include:

  • African, Peruvian and Ecuadorian ceremonial cacao
  • Wildcrafted plant medicine tinctures and elixirs
  • Pure medicinal herbs
Stand #: B3
Stand #: D47

"Unlocking Potential: A.R.T. - Artful Mentoring, Coaching, and Training"

"Visit our Exhibit for Rapid Breakthroughs: Experience the Power of Color Process Consultations! Plus, Don't Miss Our Exclusive App Launch: Your Ultimate Mindfulness Toolkit, Art-Inclusive or Otherwise, for Emotion Management. Special Sale On Now!"

"Art Releases Thought" is not just a practice but a transformative journey that integrates mindfulness with creativity strategies to liberate the mind and spirit. Through a unique blend of coaching strategies and guided drawing and painting techniques, individuals of all ages embark on a profound exploration of self-expression and introspection.

In my role as a facilitator, I guide children and adults alike in unraveling personal blocks creatively, fostering a safe and nurturing environment for exploration. Whether it's through one-on-one coaching sessions or group workshops, I tailor my approach to suit the needs of diverse clientele, including parents, children, adults, and even businesses seeking to enrich their mental health initiatives or educational programs.

Central to my methodology is the recognition that creativity is a powerful tool for mindfulness. By engaging in art-making processes, individuals are encouraged to tap into their innermost thoughts and emotions, leading to heightened self-awareness and personal growth. Through each brushstroke or pencil mark, barriers are dismantled, paving the way for profound insights and breakthroughs.

"What Sets Us Apart: A Tutored Environment for Transformation. Join Our Classes and Workshops for Step-by-Step Processes That Unlock Blocks and Cultivate Clear, Awakened Ideas to Navigate Your Personal Challenges With Confidence."

Moreover, I extend my reach beyond conventional settings by offering online training programs. These initiatives empower individuals to incorporate creativity into their own practices, whether they work in mental health, education, or other fields. Through comprehensive guidance and resources, participants learn how to harness the transformative power of art to enhance their interactions with clients and foster holistic well-being.

Additionally, my creative mentoring programs provide avenues for individuals to address personal blocks without necessarily engaging in art. Through introspective exercises and analysis of emotional barriers, participants develop invaluable tools for self-discovery and resilience.

In essence, "Art Releases Thought" transcends the boundaries of traditional therapy or education. It is a holistic approach that honors the innate creativity within each individual, offering a pathway to mindfulness, self-discovery, and profound transformation. Through guided exploration and nurturing support, I strive to empower others to unlock their fullest potential and live authentically.

Modern Healing – Ancient Practice

AcuPips is the UK’s Original Ear Seed Kit Company, designed by Acupuncturist Zoe Young.

Ear seeds, or acuseeds as they are also known offer an holistic needle-free way to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home for many common health concerns.

Creating gentle pressure, AcuPips Ear Seeds sit on specific acupressure points on the ear, triggering them to clear blockages, promoting balance and optimum health.

AcuPips offers individual ear seed kits to help with;

Addiction Management




Migraines & Head Pain


Stress & Anxiety

Weight Loss

We also offer full kits which cover 12 common health concerns and a brand new ear seed kit for symptoms related to Peri-Menopause and Menopause!

AcuPips successfully integrates ancient healing techniques with more modern practices and uses natural, 24k gold plated, crystal and rainbow ear seeds to bring balance to the body, helping you take control of your own health and wellness.

Visit us on stand #F37 to experience the benefits of ear seeding.


(Taiwanese Origin Point Medicine)

YSD Medicine takes the essential elements of TCM to a new level, treating the root cause of illness, rather than the effects. Due to its remarkable results, it has spread globally among Chinese communities over the past 20 years.

Now, taught in English by pioneering practitioner, Wei Wu, Aligned Wellness Academy’s course makes the complete YSD Medical system accessible to Western practitioners for the first time. 

Come and see Wei Wu at the exhibitor stage on Sunday 26 May at 10:30 and visit our stand for a taster treatment and further details.

At Always Believe in Miracles we believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing. We offer a wide range of ethically sourced crystals, specialising in the transformative power of crystal energy and healing. 

Our founder and master healer Natasha will be offering personalised mini Crystal tune-ups, designed to bring you back into your alignment. These ten-minute sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, lighter and energised for the rest of the day.

Discover our carefully curated diverse selection of ethically sourced A-grade crystals, from tumbled stones to large crystals, jewellery and pendulums. Each piece carries unique vibrations to aid in your journey towards wellness and self-discovery.

Stand #: A19

Amphi Botanicals serves natural functional blends with specific health benefits. The blends contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens for the most comprehensive solutions, easily mixed with liquid to form a full-sized beverage.

Stand #: B52

Gemstone Jewellery, Healing Wands, Crytals and semi-precious stone carvings

Stand #: C75

Iaysha, Artist of Angels, presents a unique collection of angelic art prints that evoke healing and connection. Each artwork is intentionally channeled with love by angels and holds a unique frequency.

Meet Iaysha in person to explore the enchanting world of angelic art and tune into your angel to discover the message that awaits you. As a special offer, the Mind Body Spirit family can enjoy an exclusive 15% off on all purchases over the weekend.

Take home an angelic fine art piece that not only inspires but also soothes the soul. Immerse yourself in the uplifting energy of Iaysha's creations and embark on a transformative journey today.

Stand #: E34

Allison Michaela: Authentic Medium

I am a true believer that we can all connect with spirit. I am sharing my mentorship, training and coaching programmes. There are programmes suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to professional readers who appreciate the value of ongoing development and support. You may dream of working professionally as a reader or just want to tap into the amazing support spirit can provide us in everyday life…invest in you, be inspired by spirit, because you are worth it.

Choose where your journey starts these options are available for mediumship, psychic card reading, healing and general well-being & personal development.

Empowered by Spirit – A life tool for everyone designed to help everyday life for anyone experiencing anxiety, stress, or burnout, let spirit help you reclaim you a programme back to wellness.

Spiritual Development:

Awakening to Spirit – start your journey with spirit, no experience required, recommended for everyone.

Connecting with Spirit – designed for anyone who has some experience but is not yet working with the public or who has significant experience but suffered a confidence boost.

Working with Spirit – designed to help anyone providing public reads (mediumship or psychic) with the public who wants support and further development.

Then choose your preferred way of working: Classes, Workshops or Mentorship all via zoom and include different levels of support and access to a private Facebook group with hosted live events.

Don’t miss the special discounts that will be available for everyone that signs up for training or mentorship at the event.

Come and see me at stall D9 Authentic Medium to take part in mini workshops taster sessions or book a personal 121: A list of session times and topic will be displayed her is a summary of what will be covered...

Card Reading - let your cards choose you, throw away the book and read guided by spirit.

Spiritual Development  - unlock your potential, connect with spirit and raise your vibration.

Healing – Chakra clearing & energy balance, breathwork and positive affirmations.

Empowerment – anxious, stressed, in grief, overwhelmed or heading towards burnout, let’s look at how we reclaim you.

Mentorship – be and celebrate the best version of you – yes you can.

Private Bookings available after the event by zoom for events, corporate coaching and personal reads in person or via zoom.

Stand #: D14

Baiji sells a range of herbal teas to enhance wellness and complement your lifestyle. From classic black and green teas, to refreshing herbal infusions like raspberry leaf and peppermint, our range makes an ideal companion to your day or excellent gifts for the tea lover in your life!

Whether you're looking for an energy boost, a sleepy-time tea, or a natural remedy for period cramps, our range of loose leaf and bagged teas has something for you.

Stand #: A48
Stand #: E8

Elevate your wellness journey with a revolutionary Bio-Well scan: in minutes, discover your body's energy and stress state. Secure your spot for a transformative health revelation.

Unlock the door to personalized health with our Bio-Well analysis. Get a quick, painless glimpse into your organs and body systems energy and stress levels – book your life-changing scan today.

A Bio-Well scan offers a comprehensive assessment to understand how your body manages and adapts to stress, providing immediate, visual insights into your health. Here's what you'll learn from a session:

* Identification of blockages in specific body organs.

* Locations of physical and emotional trauma storage.

* Areas of imbalance in your body/organs.

* The balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

* How well your body is handling stress.

* Your biorhythms for the upcoming month.

You will also receive a detailed report of these findings. The scan works by capturing bio-photonic energy emissions from your fingers, relating them to various organs and systems through the Chinese energy meridian system. This process, which is quick, easy, and non-intrusive, allows for a proactive approach to health, offering insights into:

*Stress levels.

*Chakra and bioenergy fields.

*Overall health status and energy potential.

*Brain hemisphere balance.

*Immediate factors affecting your energy state for targeted improvement.

The service aims for harmony, health, and wellness by pinpointing areas needing attention, priced at £99 per session.

The Sternenlotos makes it possible to harness causally debilitating energies for us humans and accompanies us deeper and deeper into our true potential.

Developed in Austria by Nikolaus Lackner, the Sternenlotos goes beyond what has been known before. It transforms a wide variety of forms of energy such as e-smog, mobile radiation (including 5G) or geopathic energies into positive, life-affirming vital frequencies. The result? Spaces where well-being and development are the focus.

But there's more to the Sternenlotos than just physical change. It paves the way for our spiritual development by, among other things, opening the heart chakra and anchoring high vibrating cosmic frequencies in our system.

The Sternenlotos is a tool of the New Era. An overall concept that includes both matter and the subtle planes.

You can find more information about the Sternenlotos on the website at

Stand #: E14
Stand #: B23

Belly Button Healing : a method of rejuvenating the immune system, digestion, management of hormones, blood circulation, and a lot more for healing your body and mind. 

Brain Wave Vibration : release tension around neck, shoulder, back.  Ground yourself and recover a calm and clear mind. 

Energy meditation and balancing: activate your energy system and release and recharge it it with new  energy  

Stand #: B18
Stand #: B42

Cacao Sita sources the finest Peruvian Ceremonial Criollo (Native) Cacao from sustainable and biodiverse farms in the Peruvian Amazon. Many of the farms are indigenous owned & all of them use biodiverse farming to protect the soil whilst also providing the best quality and most potent Ceremonial Cacao that we can offer.

We will be at Mind Body Spirit Festival serving our delicious ceremonial cacao by the cup, as well as a selection of Ceremonial Cacao Paste products & Adaptogenic Blends to take home and create your own personal ceremony.

Stand #: G1
Stand #: E2
Stand #: C48

A Chill Tub will change your outlook on life and allow you to break through your own boundaries and make you feel you can take on the world. Our UK ice tubs are built from high quality, market-leading materials. With three different cold plunge models available, we cater to a wide range of customers, improving their health and wellbeing in the process.

Artist Kerry Hussain uses colour to help you heal, grow and transform.  

Chromagik combines colour psychology with spiritual practices and aims to help you get colour conscious so you can manifest your best life.  Using Chromagik you can heal emotional wounds, clear energetic blockages and raise your vibration in line with your desires.

Discover your true colours and find out your Soul Colour Archetype! Working with your soul colour can reveal your innate gifts and help you unlock your life’s purpose, allowing you to live your best life. 

Stand #: A30

Welcome to Colet House, where we've been dedicated to enhancing inner peace, happiness, and spiritual growth for Londoners since the 1950s.

Drawing on a rich 70-year heritage, we seamlessly blend tradition with modernity through our diverse array of classes and workshops. Our goal is to impart the wisdom of our sacred traditions in contemporary and engaging multidisciplinary ways.

In keeping with the same teachings embraced by our members in the 1950s, including Transcendental Meditation, The Movements, and Whirling Dervishes, we extend our offerings to include a variety of classes and workshops. These experiences are designed to invigorate your body, liberate your mind, and leave you feeling rested and refreshed.

At Colet House, we strive to create a harmonious fusion of timeless practices and innovative approaches, making the journey towards spiritual growth enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Join us on this transformative path and discover the balance of heritage and modernity for a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

Stand #: D52
Stand #: Crystal Clear Psychics

Discover the beauty and power of natures gems at our crystal shop, where every stone has been selected  for its unique nature healing and aesthetic properties.

From mobile phones to TV's, crystals are critical elements in many items we use in our modern world.  From Cleopatra to Napoleon, people have been using minerals and gemstones for their metaphysical properties for centuries.  Crystals possess energy that resonate with natural vibrations in the human body to bring about healing and balance.  Whether you are someone who believes in the energy they hold or you appreciate them for their natural beauty, Crystal Complex London strives to bring you premier, ethically sourced crystals.

We  began life in the Pandemic where we grew from making Crystal Skin Elixir Oils to selling breathtaking rare pieces which are often of museum grade quality. We curate crystals consciously and have a clients ranging from businesses to individuals looking to enhance the energy and ambience in their space.

Stand #: F50

Feel The Glow are passionate about bringing you products that inspire self care, increase your well-being and help you find your inner glow. 

Our products include Affirmation Cards, Sefl Care Cards, Hapiness Cards, Guided Journals, Pregnancy Journals, affirmation clothing, Activity Books and more. 

As Fig Wellbeing, we are presenting the idea of self-care as a journey and lifestyle, with every item in our collection reflecting our dedication to a more conscious lifestyle. We introduce dry brushing along with our top quality brushes which are made in Turkey. We also offer a variety of products such as self-care items, skincare essentials crafted with the purest ingredients, high quality artisan soaps, candles and diffusers and yoga products and accessories that enhance the spiritual journey. 

Our mission is to connect you with unique, high-quality products to help you bloom from the inside like a fig tree and also shine a spotlight on the incredible women driving innovation and sustainability.

Stand #: B80
Stand #: A22
Stand #: A31

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a top MBS and Holistic Well-being Author residing in the UK. She is a passionate, moreover expert writer who has many prestigious awards and connections. ☆

Books Available at Olympia

✧ A STORY OF ONE: Transcendental, higher-consciousness themed poetry.

✧ SPIRIT ANIMALS OF THE STAR SIGNS: A game-changing book that Grace wrote over the course of her year long travels in S. America, in 2022. (The sacred Mayan lands of Mexico to the mountainous rainforests of Monteverde, Costa Rica; completion in Ecuador's Amazon Jungle.)

✧ EMPATH ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE! - An original book covering the empath nature, colour & chakra therapy, healing from narcissistic abuse, + much more!

✧ PISCES DREAM ASTROLOGY: THE DREAMER: A unique account of Pisces sign and the Dreamspace...

✧ MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES OF THE STAR SIGNS & ZODIAC: Let's get triggered, heal, and evolve... Together. (A completely original twist on "Shadow Astrology.")

Children's Books Available:

✧ A ZODIAC WISDOM BOOK FOR KIDS!- Children's learning about astrology.

✧ 72 SPIRIT ANIMALS FOR CHILDREN: Children's learning about shamanism and spirit animals.

GRACE GABRIELLA PUSKAS is a qualified and passionate Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, Dream therapist, Shamanic Healer, and Holistic specialist, as well as a self-taught Astrologer of 14+ years.

Prices range from £10- 22. Two BOOKS BUNDLES will be available on the day. (Considerable discounts.) 


Stand #: B75
Stand #: C4
Stand #: D20
Stand #: B4
Stand #: D26
Stand #: D8
Stand #: F23
Stand #: b56
Stand #: F40
Stand #: C24
Stand #: F15
Stand #: D48
Stand #: C16
Stand #: B68
Stand #: A52
Stand #: C69
Stand #: F28

Kaylo is a new, global online and in-person community platform, providing accessible, affordable and transformative content from leading experts in health and wellbeing, empowering people to heal, transform and thrive - anywhere, anytime.

Kaylo collaborates with some of the world’s leading doctors, practitioners and facilitators from world-renowned Physician, Author and Global Speaker Gabor Maté, through to prominent names in menopause, fertility, hormonal health, gut health, relationships, intimacy, sex, stress, burnout, performance and modern masculinity,  and provides health and wellbeing support through a curated selection of on-demand courses, live classes, interactive group sessions, festivals and retreats, empowering people to reclaim control of their physical, emotional and mental health so they can live to their fullest potential. 


Born from founder Natalie Munk’s personal journey battling severe dyslexia, ADHD, autoimmune disease and previously unresolved trauma, Kaylo adopts an integrative, 360° Whole Health approach, combining modern science, natural medicine and ancient wisdom to help people heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Kaylo offers Online Whole Health Journeys - a series of multidisciplinary courses with curated content from world-class practitioners to inspire, nurture and nudge individuals back to full health.  Whole Health Journeys help individuals get to the root cause of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease so they can heal fully and move towards their unique wellbeing goals. 

Delivered through online sessions that members can watch at their own pace and in their own time, Whole Health Journeys are designed to be both educational and experiential, consisting of thematic workshops, medical talks, movement sessions, supporting rituals, resources and self-care guides.  Each Whole Health Journey has an online live expert-led, monthly Community Circle which provides an opportunity to connect with other like-minded members of the Kaylo community and a safe space to ask the practitioners questions. 

Kaylo are delighted to announce their much anticipated Retreat Festival coming in August 2025!

Stop reseaching narcissism. Start your healing journey

Key 4 Change specialises in supporting highly sensitive people to learn, understand and heal from complex one-way relationships. From books,  group coaching sessions to 1:1 therapy sessions - our aim is to help you regain your power, take back control and re-purpose your energy for transformation

Stand #: B1
Stand #: A6
Stand #: B66
Stand #: D19
Stand #: B60

The heart of our retreats lies in the profound connection we foster with the earth and its natural wonders. We carefully select spaces that resonate with high vibrations, providing an environment close to greenery and natural landscapes where participants can tap into their inner wisdom, experience the healing energies of the natural world, and truly pause from busy city life and notice the beauty that surrounds us.

Love Life is more than just a retreat experience; it's a movement towards conscious living, where everything and everyone has a sacred space to thrive. As a social enterprise, we are committed to purposeful operations, aiming to bring connectedness, consciousness, and transformation to the people we serve. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our company, exemplified by our choice of top-class eco retreat venues.

Our Values serve as the bedrock of our workplace ethos, guiding our company policies, daily practices, and interactions with one another. Our retreats are a continual journey of growth and evolution. We firmly believe that genuine transformation emerges from our ability to not only listen to but also act upon the invaluable feedback we receive from our cherished participants.

‘Love Your Life’ is a new quarterly wellness magazine, where your wellbeing matters, and together, we can make it a priority. 

In a world filled with hustle and chaos, our view is that true wealth lies not just in material possessions, but in the richness of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health - download a free digital copy of our launch issue or buy a print copy at to see for yourself the quality of our information and advice. 

We genuinely believe that you deserve to ‘love yourself’.

Stand #: D42
Stand #: E32
Stand #: F36

We want to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same.

There are currently 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK today, and as more people are living longer with their cancer, this number is set to grow to 4 million by 2030. We want to make sure we can provide support to everyone who needs it, to hold on to who they are and what’s important.

At Macmillan, we know cancer can affect everything. But Macmillan is here to help people live life, no matter what. But we can’t do it without you.

Stand #: E11
Stand #: C20
Stand #: B71

Marcela Onyx, a four-time bestselling author, Soulful Speaker, and host of the talk show 'Shift Choices: Laughter Lifts and Decisões e Risadas', is also a Love and Transformational Healer. She assists ambitious individuals in healing from emotional pain, toxic relationships, and traumas, guiding them to understand life’s lessons and unlock their inner power and abundance. This empowers them to thrive in various relationship aspects, foster self-empowerment, and lead lives of wholeness and abundance.

Attend one or all of Marcela's talks during the four-day event at the Exhibitor Stage. Don't forget to visit our stand, where we will host mini-workshops and sell and showcase Intuitive Mandalas. You can also purchase signed copies of Marcela's books and learn how she can support you on your growth and healing journey. 

Stand #: C26
Stand #: F27

Pranic healing is a no touch energy healing modality. With its roots in ancient science of healing, it is practical, scientific and also deeply spiritual. 

We invite you to join us as on a journey through some of the miracles that are possible to achieve on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

At our stall you will get a chance to book a healing session, buy merchandise, aura purification sprays and enter our Luck Dip to win discounts on our up coming courses, so that you can leanr how to become a healer in just 2 days! 

Stand #: A40
Stand #: B24
Stand #: F4
Stand #: D18
Stand #: E10
Stand #: B9

Moonshadow Therapies: Unveiling the Path to Inner Peace

Join us at the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition this May for an exclusive opportunity to explore the transformative power of hypnotherapy. At Moonshadowtherapies, we specialise in guiding individuals on a journey to mental clarity and emotional  balance.

Special Offers Just for You:                                                                                                                                         Taster Sessions: Experience the magic of hypnotherapy with our special introductory sessions, offered for a nominal fee. A choice of having a taster of Healing vortex, Panic attacks or for Anxiety

Curated Products: Browse through our selection of handpicked products designed to complement your therapeutic journey.

Why Choose Moonshadow Therapies?

Expert Guidance: Led by the experienced Tara , I provide personalised sessions tailored to your unique needs. Tara will guide you through a process of deep relaxation and hypnosis to access the root cause of your challenges. By uncovering and releasing negative beliefs and emotions that are holding you back.  Tara will work with you and not against 

Accessible Anywhere: Whether you’re in London or Spain, our virtual sessions via Zoom ensure no boundaries to your wellness journey.

Engaging Interaction: Have questions? We’re here to engage, explain, and enlighten.Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock your potential and embrace a harmonious life. Visit us at the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition and start your transformation
.With over 20 years of experience as a therapist and healer, Tara has helped countless clients achieve rapid transformation and create the life they desire.

"Journey within, find peace and clarity, With hypnotherapy, Reiki, and meditation's serenity."           

    Step into a world where dreams take flight,                                                                                                                                    A place of wonder, day or night.                                                                                                                                                        Unlock the magic, let your spirit soar,                                                                                                                                              Discover treasures, and so much more!

We have special offers for MBS visitors.  There is no obligation for you to buy or try.                                                                                                                 Just come and say HI smiley                                                                                                                                                       TARA x

Natural by Nature Oils celebrates 50 years of manufacturing and suppling 100% pure and certified organic essential oils , base oils, body oils and aromatherapy products. Established in 1974,we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer service. 100% natural and never tested on animals our products are of the higest quality.

Stand #: A13


Norah Perfumes is an exceptional perfume shop who brings you the craft of oriental artisans, A range of luxury, niche and natural alcohol free and vegan friendly fragrance oils & perfect exquisite mixtures that will awaken your senses. 

We source our products from across the globe which made from the finest organic natural ingredients.

Welcome to the transformative realm of Womb Healing guided by Vicki Renz, renowned author and esteemed shamanic Womb Healer. If you're grappling with fertility challenges or navigating obstacles like ovarian cysts and endometriosis, Vicki offers a unique opportunity to experience profound healing firsthand.

Vicki's unparalleled healing power delves deep into your womb space, unraveling the energetic roots of your blockages. By pinpointing the underlying causes, she empowers you to release them, paving the way for a resurgence of fertility and vitality.

Claim Your FREE 10-Minute Womb Vitality Check Up:

This is your chance to experience Vicki's transformative energy firsthand. Visit Vicki’s stand for a complimentary Womb Vitality Check Up Session. Let Vicki channel her healing energies to revitalise your feminine frequency and leave you feeling utterly radiant!

Own a copy of Vicki's top-selling fertility guide, 'Unblock Your Womb'? Bring it for a personalised message and signing or grab a copy at her booth

Stand #: A39
Stand #: D22

Emf protection and water purification pioneers at Oraphim are world renowned Artists, they produce uniquely stunning pendants and pyramids and so much more. Visit them to learn the secrets behind this curious quantum carbon and experience it's activation in you. They provide practical, personal, powerful and proven, top-tips & life changing testimonials to guide, inspire and support your journey through changing times, detoxing and bio-enhancements using Silver Activated Shungite.

With an all natural Shungite body care range they are a One-Stop-Shungite & Shilajit-Shop!

And to top it all off join them this weekend for the Launching of their latest book SHUNGITE:Expect Miracles.

Feel like you're kneeling on clouds with PADA knee-padded leggings and luxury sportswear. 

PADA's innovative knee-padded yoga pants are here, So you can focus on self-improvement, and not knee-pain.

Amazing show deals on these spectacular, super-high quality and innovative sports wear pieces. 

Vibrational Medicine - Crystal kits uniquely selected and measured for their energetic qualities using Radiesthesia and Kinesiology techniques combined with acupressure and meridian points in the body to provide "HARMONIZING" & "BALANCING". Every detail in each kit has been optimized to provide the most beneficial energy quality.

When the crystals are "charged" in our universal charging plate their energy quality is amplified to "harmonize" specific frequencies across the 12 planes of existence. 

- Kits for specific "harmonizing" challenges will be on sale

- Universal charging/cleansing plate

- Food "clearing" plate

Taster sessions available on the day (sessions will last from 20 mins to 40 mins):

- Crystal kits

- Ancestral Healing

- Past life 

- Emotional trauma release

Stand #: C72

Plantlife is a British conservation charity based in Salisbury working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. They own nearly 4,500 acres of nature reserve across England, Scotland and Wales where you can find over 80% of the UK's wild flowers. 

Stand #: F10
Stand #: C10

Hosted by Kirtan London, the Pop Up Temple features live kirtan music with call-and-response chanting, as well as workshops on mantra meditation and the timeless wisdom of Bhagavad-Gita. Here you can immerse yourself in the ambience of a modern Krishna temple with traditional sounds and sights, make a wish or a prayer, ask questions about the science of bhakti and the practice of kirtan and learn how to sing from the heart.

Stand #: B76

Quantum Frequencies and Stem-Cell Flower Essences 

Quantum Blooms/FlowerEssence hold a revolutionary vision in quantum frequencies of Flower Essences and their stem-cells. Norwegian Stem-Cell Essences Kits, Synergistic Spritzer Lines: Norwegian Forest Bathing, Spirit Lift, Aboriginal Cleanse & Protect, EMF Protection, Sacred Sound Pyramid, Jaguar Spritzers, Combination Blends, Singles and Kits. Adaptofleur Chinese Medicine Meridian Formulas are just some of the unique lines created by Clare G Harvey and Dr Dori Naerbo. Visit us : Stand #A15 for a free Health & Wellness Check and test for your personalized Flower Essence Blend.

Stand #: E48

Reiki Chia helps people go from anxious, fear or panic to extraordinary confidence, and works with corporates, with high-pressured environments, to give wellbeing seminars for less stress. 

  • Confidence after divorce - with Reiki and hypnotherapy
  • Public speaking confidence - working with hypnotherapy
  • Corporate Reiki - includes wellbeing seminars/ webinars for less stress
  • Reiki Chia (Usui) courses - online and in person (Colchester, Essex)

Reiki taster sessions and group Reiki circles available on the stall. Join me for my talk on the midlife wisdom stage with 'Hypnotic Reiki' on Monday at 10:30am!

Stand #: D27

Just Rhoda - The Energy Alchemist

Energetics & Energy Coach

I facilitate clients in introducing them how to interact with their energetic field to remove trapped trauma and pain from their body and life.

As a global community each and everyone of us have experienced trauma and inherited it. Yet when we experience these moments we have not been taught how to process it healthily.

The nervous system runs the show, reliving the trauma as the left and right brain hemisphere go into polarity to attempt to not relive it. This process creates over time, anxiety, depressing, exhaustion and in some cases chronic illnesses.

That’s just one incident, imagine all those incidences you haven’t been able to process playing out simultaneously like this, all while you’re trying to live your life.

This is where I come in.

Rockpool Publishing is an Australian owned publisher, specialising in spirit & wellness books, oracle cards, gifts & journals. Rockpool is joined by imprint, Gelding Street Press, which focuses on sports and recreation. Our objective is to publish products that make a difference and touch a chord in society, be niche, clever at marketing, promotion and develop long term relationships with authors, customers and suppliers. We publish products we can take pride in, that help people and promote thought and have fun in business. We are located in Sydney Australia and are a family business with great staff, including our very own Rockpoodle Maggie!

Stand #: A35

Reiki Healing, Life Coaching, Meditation, Guidance, Crystal Healing

I am a Reiki Master who gives guidance to people searching for answers in life and who wish to progress. My healing techniques help people to overcome any health, mental or spiritual pain they may be going through. I offer a guiding hand to clear and confront issues people may be facing – these can be challenges, patterns or limiting beliefs.

I also offer life coaching and use a range of practical tools to help one gain clarity, direction and bring positive changes in life. I am a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Newham Chamber of Commerce.

Stand #: C12

Join the Love Crew and take part in the anonymous love letter revolution. Write one, find one and help #sharethelove across the festival with this simple act of kindness.

Established almost 20 years ago, we have grown to become an industry leader supplying customers all around the world with premium quality supplements.

From your daily vitamins and minerals to highly specialised formulations, our purpose is to help make healthy living simple. By providing good quality products at the best value for money, and with genuine customer care, we’re here to help support your nutritional needs and help keep you feeling your best.

Welcome to Sothis Temple.

Enter the ancient temple tradition of Sacred Oils, Frankincense, Myrrh, Blue Lotus and Sacred Art in a multidimensional journey to realign with your true Soul Essence.

The creatrix of  SOTHIS SACRED OILS & TEMPLE INCENSE - - Veronica Nilah is a 'Mistress of the Sacred Oils' and Blue Lotus Priestess. She offers rituals and initiatory ceremonies into the mystical Temple Tradition of SACRED OILS, EGYPTIAN BLUE LOTUS AND SACRED SMOKE, guiding you to meet the Soul Essence of these Aromatic Master Teachers, Powerful Healers and Spiritual Allies, to be empowered by your inner knowing, restore your signature frequency and align with higher wisdom. Learn more about SACRED OILS.


  •  From Dhofar in the Sulatanate of Oman, premium quality, rare, finest and exquisite Green Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) RESIN AND PURE ESSENTIAL OIL.
  • From Yemen, rare and finest premium quality sweet Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha).

Powerful resins for both their spiritual attributes and therapeutic properties. With their divine scent evocative of cerimonial rituals and ancient civilazations, these powerful resins have spiritual qualities well known and appreciated by our ancestors that regarded FRANKINCENSE ANS MYRRH  as valuable as gold.

Veronica Nilah is a SPIRIT INSPIRED PSYCHIC ARTIST working with ancient Egyptian Spirituality. Her Sacred art’s mystic images hold a spiritual presence, embodying the living essence of the subject she brings through. They can be powerful and healing to meditate upon and to create a sacred space. SACRED (SHAMANIC) ART.

Founded by Veronica Nilah, SOTHIS TEMPLE  is a multisensory experience where Sacred Scents, Sacred Art and Sacred Sound meet in unison to expand consciousness - nurturing healing, self-discovery and spiritual trasformation - supported by Ancient Wisdom, Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, Plant Consciousness and Plant Spirit Medicine, Myrrhophore Tradition, Inner-Alchemy and Direct Revelation. 

Veronica Iis a Sound & Spiritual Healer & Plant Spirit Ceremonialist, she offers Sacred Cacao, Sacred Oils and Sacred Blue Lotus Initiations & Ceremonies, Sound Journey, Sound Healing Baths, First Moon (Menarche) Ceremonies, Energy clearing and Ceremonies of Closure & Beginning. Private, 1-1 and groups.

Visit Sothis Temple at stand D56 and immerse yourself in the beauty of these nature's gifts.

Discover the transformative power of Soul Coaching®, where you embark on a journey to unlock the wisdom within you. Embrace a path that clears away both internal and external clutter, guiding you towards a life in alignment with your authentic self. Explore how you can extend this profound experience to others and become a Soul Coaching Practitioner.

Spirit Encounter offers unique decks, encounter based readings, healing, dream interpretation and more. A consultation at the Spirit Encounter stand will deeply impact. You will receive encouragement, guidance, an impartation of peace, heaviness and negativity will shift. Through accessing Christ-conscious spirituality a beautiful safe realm of the Spirit opens up. Unconditional love and deep peace transforms, healing the battering of the Earth life journey.

Discover our online monthly Meditation Encounters (register via Eventbrite - no technique to learn).  Simply relax, allow the encounter to transport you.  Receive from heavenly realms of limitless love.   

The Spirit Encounter team are gifted intuitive readers and dream interpreters, we look forward to meeting you!

Stand #: D28

Welcome, seekers of knowledge and healers of the spirit! Today, we embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Spirit Release Therapy, a profound practice that transcends the ordinary and delves into the depths of the human soul. As the Spirit Release Academy, we are thrilled to be your guides on this transformative expedition.

The Mysteries of Spirit Release Therapy

Imagine a world where the invisible threads of energy intertwine with our everyday lives, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this world, there exists a spectrum of energies, some benevolent and uplifting, while others may be stagnant or even malevolent. Spirit Release Therapy offers us the key to unlocking the potential for healing and growth by facilitating the release of these energies that may be causing disharmony or distress.

But what exactly is Spirit Release Therapy?

At its core, it is a holistic approach to healing that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It recognizes that our experiences, traumas, and unresolved emotions can linger within our energetic field, impacting our well-being on multiple levels.  When we bring into the mix curses and the disruption of possible dark force entities as well as discarnate spirit attachments, the disharmony of the soul and mental wellness can be negatively impacted in extreme measures.  Through gentle and compassionate techniques, Spirit Release Therapy aims to identify and release these energetic imprints, restoring balance and vitality to the individual.

SRT Practitioners

As practitioners of this sacred art, we understand that each person’s journey is completely unique, and so too are the methods employed in Spirit Release Therapy. 
From guided visualizations and energy clearing techniques to communication with spirit guides and ancestors, the tools at our disposal are as diverse as the human experience itself. 
What remains constant, however, is our unwavering commitment to healing and transformation.

But why should you consider delving into the world of Spirit Release Therapy?

The answer lies in the profound impact it can have on both individuals and communities. By addressing the root causes of emotional and spiritual distress, we can break free from patterns of suffering and open ourselves to a life filled with joy, purpose, and connection. Whether you are a seasoned therapist seeking to expand your toolkit or a curious soul embarking on a path of self-discovery, Spirit Release Therapy offers a gateway to profound healing and growth.

At the Spirit Release Academy, we are dedicated to empowering therapists from across the globe with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to facilitate meaningful change in the lives of their clients. Our comprehensive training programs blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques, providing a robust foundation for those ready to embark on this transformative journey.

So, are you ready to unlock the mysteries of Spirit Release Therapy and embark on a path of healing and discovery?

Join us at the Spirit Release Academy, where the journey begins and the possibilities are endless.

Let us be your hosts as we navigate the realms of the unseen and unlock the power of the human spirit. Together, we can illuminate the path to healing and transformation, one soul at a time. Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities. 

Welcome to the Spirit Release Academy.

Stand #: A37
Stand #: B41
Stand #: E22
Stand #: E24
Stand #: C58
Stand #: C54


Everything is made by myself or Mother Nature

On this stall will be amazing handmade items from wire wrapped crystal jewellery, resin orgonite pyramids and other resin items, tumblers which are unique and special, and crystals from small carvings to big statement pieces.

Alongside this, I will be bringing along some paintings done by Sheila dodds. Her paintings are done within the Akashic Records and are channelled from the higher realms. You can feel the vibrations coming off of the paintings, which are filled with healing powers.

Stand #: F38

If you are looking to take the next step on your spiritual development, or seeking answers to life’s big questions such as: Why are we here? What is my purpose in life? How can I find inner peace? How can I help others? What is the extraterrestrial message? come and chat with us.

Experience the power of spiritual healing on our stand by booking a free taster session. The ‘King Technique’ of spiritual healing, devised by Dr George King, has helped hundreds of people around the world since the 1970s. Also discover empowering wisdom through our selection of books.

King Yoga is your opportunity to discover life-changing wisdom from other planets, ancient yogic practices that will help you rise above negative conditioning, realize your inner potential, and will give you unique and powerful ways to improve world Karma and uplift our world.

Do something life-changing!

Improve Your Health - Change Career - Help Others.

Study with the award-winning College of Naturopathic Medicine

CNM is the UK's No. 1 training provider of Natural Therapies.  We specialise is helping individuals build careers in the fields of Nutrition, Naturopathy, Acupuncure, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Natural Chef and Health Coach.  BSc(Hons), Diploma, Post Graduate and Short Courses available.  95% of our students would recommend CNM to a friend.  Come see us on Stand B30 for special offers!

Melonie Syrett - thedrumwoman brings her artisan frame drums, rattles and events to the festival.

All handmade and handpainted by her, following the guidance she receives when connecting to hide and hoop. These are truly original drums, birthed in ceremony and honouring the materials used.

Melonie creates drums off the peg and for commissions as well as running drum birthing workshops across the UK and further afield. Melonie also holds retreats and pilgrimages connecting to the land as the drums come into being. Check out her Avebury retreat taking place this August.

She is the founder of Sacred Women's Drum Circle Facilitator Training - which is sold out this year with 2025 dates coming soon. In November she hosts The Annual Convention of Women Drummers, Makers and Players - tickets for which are just £60 for 2 full days of drum based workshops, talks and performances and entertainment.

Do check out the website to find out more.

Stand #: B74
Stand #: B16

The Jasper Cacao Project by Shane Cooke

We supply the finest and most beautiful ceremonial cacaos from Peru and Guatemala

Our range of Cacaos are ethically sourced from small, organic farms located in the Peruvian Amazon & Guatemala Created by The Asháninka Tribes of Satipo Peru and RUK’U’X’ULEW womens collective of San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

We also supply artisanal cacao accessories and tools

All our products are sourced from farms that practice Sustainable farming methods to preserve the earth, land, forest, and crop.

We donate funds from every sale to Plant your future Peru for rainforest rejuvenation and towards underprivileged families training them how to farm Native crop sustainably.

Our wonderful Jasper Cacaos come in a range of package sizes from small samplers right through to wholesale quantities, so we always have something to suit your needs.

Join Shane and the team, in ceremony or catch them sharing the sacred medicine at festivals, shows and markets across the UK.

It’s not just a medicine, it’s a Lifestyle. Pure nourishment, powerful energy, nature’s natural energy buzz.

Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual wisdom that is over 4,000 years old, and it is meant for absolutely everyone. No matter what your country of origin, gender, religion, or culture, Kabbalah offers insights and practical wisdom that can transform your life.

The literal translation of Kabbalah means “to receive.” Kabbalists teach that every human being was created to receive complete joy and fulfillment.

Kabbalah teaches the individual and the world as a whole how we can improve our lives. We believe at the core of the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions are truths that we call the wisdom of Kabbalah. Our goal at The Kabbalah Centre is to disseminate this wisdom as much as possible to improve not only our individual lives but also the collective and the world as a whole.

Kabbalah is a wisdom to be experienced, not just studied, and that is what makes every person’s experience unique. One of the main universal principles of Kabbalah is that there are no coincidences. Everything has a reason and purpose – including you! How, then, do we find our purpose? How can we know we’re on the path our soul is meant to take? How can we live a life of purpose and meaning? How do we live joyously? Can we all positively impact others, and thereby, the world?

This is Kabbalah.

Understanding and utilizing these teachings help you experience life with the knowledge that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

Whatever your life aspirations, Kabbalah gives students the opportunity to grow in unprecedented ways, to transform every area of their lives so they can step into their full potential and become the person they were born to be. We are here to fulfill our highest purpose and share that light with others. In doing so, we cultivate a new paradigm of global spirituality through which people of all beliefs and backgrounds can come together in mutual respect, dignity, and love for humanity. That is how we change the world, together.

We offer lectures, courses, study groups, connections, guided services and host a community of teachers and fellow students.

Stand #: C30
Stand #: E12

Introducing Crystal Charm Bracelets like you've never seen before! 

Welcome to The Lovers Jewellery, where our gold-plated creations aren't just accessories, they're statements of style and soul. 

Dive into our range of jewellery adorned with crystals and spiritual symbols, anywhere from Moonstone & Amethyst, to the Sun & Moon, we've got you covered!

Handmade with love and built to last, each piece is a conduit for healing energy, designed to uplift your spirit and connect you to your Higher Self. 

From our statement Crystal Charm Bracelet, to adjustable rings, earrings, crystal anklets for the summer season and a wide range of necklaces that you won’t be able to resist  - consider all of your jewellery needs met! 

We can't wait for you to discover the magic of The Lovers Jewellery.

Love & Light 

The ROOT Brands is an innovative wellness company co-founded by Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm. This dynamic duo has combined their passion for health and entrepreneurship to create a line of products designed to support the body's natural detoxification processes and promote overall well-being. Their commitment to quality and efficacy has made The Root Brands a trusted name in the wellness industry.

Founded in 1972 the Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity and a leading voice in bringing the UK's trees and woodlands to the attention of Government, land owners and the public. With a supporter base of half a million they were the first and remain the most significant contributor to woodland protections, restoration and creation in the UK.

Stand #: B54

Discover the transformative world of Tiny Fungi, the UK's leading curator of alcohol-free mushroom tinctures and an innovator in gourmet superfoods.

Founded in Northamptonshire, Tiny Fungi are passionate about cultivating not just any mushrooms, but those that enrich us spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Our Promise:

Purity and Quality: Indoor-grown and locally foraged, our mushrooms—from the delicate Lion’s Mane to the robust Turkey Tail—are grown on a blend of regional grains and sawdust, ensuring the highest quality.

Sustainability at Heart: Our commitment to minimal environmental impact guides everything we do, balancing ecological sustainability with the profound benefits our fungi offer to our customers.

Holistic Health: We believe in the transformative power of mushrooms. Whether you're looking to enhance cognitive function, boost immunity, or find a natural path to relaxation - our fungi are cultivated with well-being in mind.

At Tiny Fungi, we blend ancient wisdom with modern science to create unique, health-enhancing products designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. From our potent, alcohol-free mushroom tinctures to our delicious gourmet superfoods, fire cider, and nootropic adaptogen drinks, each product is crafted with care, integrity, and a deep commitment to holistic well-being.

We invite you to explore the natural power and profound benefits of mushrooms and plants.

Visit us at our stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and embark on a journey towards enhanced health, elevated wellness, and a deeper connection to nature's untapped potential.

With a history dating back to 1893, Watkins Media is a family-run company that provides a home for a collective of niche businesses that speak with authority to their specific and very passionate audiences. Whether it’s through our award-winning growing portfolio of book imprints and magazines or our renowned Watkins bookstore, which continues to offer one of the world's largest selections of spiritual and esoteric literature and tarot and oracle decks, Watkins Media is dedicated to building platforms that engage with individual communities on a truly global scale.

Stand #: B22

Our products harness the power of nature through innovative and effective ingredients derived from plants, algae, and beneficial microorganisms. These bio-based ingredients are carefully selected to nourish, protect, and regenerate your skin, embodying our dedication to renewable and sustainable solutions.

With formulations crafted for sensitive skin and guided by our commitment to sustainability, we go beyond mere confidence in your appearance.

Choosing our skincare means never having to compromise on your values. Embrace our vegan, plastic and petroleum-free creations, all developed with the highest standards of ethical Integrity.

Stand #: E60
Stand #: B50

Wowness Club is building a community to connect Seekers to holistic health and wellness practitioners offering content, alternative healing therapies, workshops and retreats. 

The definition of "Wowness" was inspired in the healing journey as we drop the layers of our traumas and connect with our heart and rise to a higher frequency, LOVE. When we shift from fear to love and take decisions from mind to heart we can experience what be in "WOW" with life.  

Our mission is to promote health, healing and higher consciousness so more people can experience this "Wowness" state. 

We welcome Wowness Seekers and Health and Wellness Practitioners to come to our stand F19 for a chat and learn how we can co-create and collaborate. 

Founded in 1961, WWF is the world's leading independent conservation organisation working in more than 100 countries to create solutions to the most important environmental challenges facing the planet so that people and nature can thrive. Their work centres around restoring wildlife, sustaining forests and oceans and reducing carbon emissions. The current campaign in the UK focuses on protecting our rivers and seas. 

Stand #: D6

For more than 50 years, Yogi Tea has been crafting delicious organic ayurvedic blends of herbs & spices. Completely independant & non-profit owned, the company has been B Corp certified in 2023 with the highest rating in the tea industry.

Exhibitor focus..
get involved!

Interested in exhibiting at one of our festivals?

Talk to us to find out how you can get your product infront of a combined annual audience of more than 30,000 informed visitors