Armchair reads

Soothe your mind, body and spirit

Here at MBS, we know that our spirituality can grow and flourish at the fun festivals and esoteric events we run. But how can we carry on satisfying more of our spiritual curiosities while we're at home, cosied up with a cuppa? Our latest features can help inspire you to make positive change in your world, even from the comfort of your armchair. Enjoy this exclusive guru guidance and we hope to see you at an event soon for some in-person alchemy.

Dreaming and the Subconscious: Getting to the Root of Lunar's Energies!

Dreaming is a powerful and amazing way to access your subconscious mind. It is in dreams where we receive revealing insights, wisdom, and guidance into waking life- our waking life state.

Life-changing spirituality awaits you at MBS London

Will 2024 be the year you finally level up and outgrow your old patterns? If so, we’ve got the easiest, cheapest and most enjoyable way to do it

Introducing MBS Industry Talks: Upskill in the spirituality business

Why launch an Industry Talks programme at MBS Festival London? To empower and educate people, especially women, in spiritual and wellness entrepreneurship.

2 Minutes with Kirsty Gallagher

We had a chance to sit down with the vibrant Sunday Times bestselling author Kirsty Gallagher for an enlightening two-minute conversation regarding her upcoming workshop at MBS Birmingham.

2 Minutes with Jade Shaw: An Insight into her Astral Travel Workshop

If you've ever been intrigued by the concept of astral travel, you're in for a treat this November. We recently had the chance to catch up with Jade Shaw, the number one expert in the field, who’s worked with institutions such as Mind Valley and taught in over 25 countries across the world.

Moonology, Manifesting and Oracle Cards

When it comes to teaching the mystical art of oracle readings, no one does it better than Yasmin.

MBS Birmingham 2023 PRESS RELEASE

A DJ and bestselling author who says breathwork helped him to grieve his girlfriend’s death has shared his experiences ahead of a major wellbeing festival in Birmingham.

5 tips for an Alcohol-Free Autumn

With party season fast approaching, we asked coach, Sarah Williamson for her top tips on ditching the booze.

What is crystal healing?

So many of us find spirituality – or rather, spirituality finds us – to heal. Whether that is to help heal a trauma, a condition or to just give us a boost of happiness, many of us turn to crystals.

5 tips for breathwork

Everyone is talking about breathwork these days. It’s become hugely popular in recent years, and for good reason; it’s free, simple and everyone can do it, wherever they are. In theory, we’re already doing it, so that’s a good start! But did you know how conscious breathwork can radically change your life? See our tips below to get started and don’t miss our upcoming workshop at the MBS Festival at the NEC Birmingham with our expert, Radio 1 Decompression Session DJ and Author of Breathe It In, Breathe It Out, Stuart Sandeman

Love Creates Reality - Find freedom from anxiety and intrusive thoughts

We are not our thoughts - although they certainly can appear real when we're spinning in them. People have got confused about this and many personal development teachers are stuck in the thought realm, teaching people to try to rearrange their thoughts or think the right positive thoughts in order to somehow get what they want.

We all have the potential for new beginnings by Lorna Byrne

This is a personal message from the wonderful Lorna Byrne who is hosting a workshop on 9th August; Reflect and Appreciate – spiritual stepping stones. In the workshop, Lorna will help you reflect on where you are at this moment and guide you to appreciate all that is great in your life. Lorna will guide the audience through a meditation and an exercise, and also give the audience an opportunity to ask questions.