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Crystal Clear Psychics

Crystal Clear Psychics is one of the UK’s most trusted psychic "circles", offering authentic psychic readings that aim to bring you spiritual insight and guidance for any area of your life.

All our psychics have gone through three levels of thorough testing, so you can rest assured that they are experienced and genuine.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of over 25 international psychics with a variety of skills including mediums, palmists, tarot & angel card readers, clairvoyants and clairaudients.

When life is uncertain, a psychic reading can help you stay focussed on your path to long term happiness. Our psychics can provide a high quality reading as well as focusing on certain areas of your life such as love and relationships, work and career or family and home life.

We look forward to welcoming you on to our stand.

Crystal Clear
Timings and Pricing

All readings will last for 20 minutes.

Please make bookings on the hour, 20 mins past or 20 mins to the hour. Ie. 10am, 10.20am, 10.40am

Frequently asked questions
You shouldn’t feel nervous about experiencing a psychic reading for the first time. Our readings are aimed to give you positive and uplifting guidance on all areas of life.
Our psychics work with good intention and their guidance is aimed to be honest and positive for our clients. We pride ourselves in authentic readings to uplift and bring clarity to our clients.
All our readers have many years of experience in their psychic work. When a reader applies to work with us, we ensure that their skills are of a high standard by taking them through a three stage test process.