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Salarah Starre

Unleash Your Creative Power: Journey into True Manifestation

  • 26 Sunday
  • 15:45 - 16:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Break free from cookie-cutter techniques to illuminate your creative path!

In this session, Salarah Starre helps to unravel common manifestation misconceptions and illuminate a more effective creative path. This immersive, practical and energetically activating session will leave you feeling inspired and fizzing with positive energy. Elevating your manifestations from mediocre to mastery.
• Discover the reasons behind potential roadblocks in your manifestations
• Gain practical strategies for course correction with easy-to-implement techniques
• Master assessing your emotional energy while manifesting
• Jumping timeline visualisation to uplevel your life

Presenter Bio

Salarah K Starre is a UK-based Advanced Law of Attraction Coach, Author, Speaker and Leading Wellness Expert, having appeared across international press and podcasts, discussing topics spanning spiritual laws, coaching, mindset and manifestation. Her biggest passion is helping you to connect to your authentic self, often hidden beneath the patterns and programs of ancestral and societal conditioning. Leaving you with a remembrance of who you are and your unique divinity so you can create extraordinary levels of abundance in all areas your life.

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