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Lauren Vaknine

Nervous System Regulation and Meditation

  • 26 Sunday
  • 16:30 - 17:00
  • FREE

Workshop Details

During this session Lauren will help you recognise when your nervous system is dysregulated, and give you tools to regulate it every time you feel unbalanced, helping you find peace. The session will also include a special nervous system regulation meditation. 

Presenter Bio

 Lauren Vaknine is a leading master holistic health and life coach, wellness educator, health writer, internationally-recognised TEDx speaker and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast, following her remarkable journey from severe disability since infancy, to complete wellness. As a leading voice in wellness in the UK - highly qualified in nutrition, life coaching, health coaching, NLP, CBT, EFT and more - Lauren has coached some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, and has written for a range of well-known publications. In today's session, Lauren will be hosting her well-loved nervous system regulation workshop, which will end with an extremely powerful nervous system regulation meditation. The workshop will leave you with an understanding on why your nervous system is dysregulated, why it's causing you to play out certain unwanted habits, how to recognise it, and how to heal it to live a calmer, more fulfilled and more purposeful life.

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