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Nicky Clinch

How to Rediscover your Authentic Self and Live a Life from Your Truest Potential

  • 26 Sunday
  • 12:00 - 12:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

 Nicky brings together 25 years of expertise in ontology, trauma, the human condition and human consciousness and our vast potential as human beings. Her work and teachings are unique and immensely powerful, revealing collective blindspots that are blocking us as human beings from accessing our authentic expression, life force and innate power whilst liberating us from the inherent suffering that runs consistently through us as a species. Through her pioneering BodyMind Maturation Method™, you will leave this talk with a newfound awareness and sense of infinite possibility both for your own life and for all of life, ready to come out of hiding, embody your authenticity and unlock a whole new world of possibilities to why you are here on this planet and how to live from a whole new way of being. 

Most people think authenticity is something we do so that the people around us can perceive us as authentic. Authenticity is not an action. It's an entire way of being. The ability to experience ourselves wholly, honestly, and truthfully. Without suppression, without collapsing, without hiding and with full self-responsibility. 

And from that place, others can experience you honestly, fully, and truthfully.  

You will learn how to create a complete paradigm shift in your world - from controlling and managing your life, to standing as an active and expansive channel of creation. Now is the time on our planet for each of us to remember our infinite potential of being human - to evolve into the powerful creators of our own realities and create a life from a place of deepened awareness, consciousness and true alignment.  

In this talk, Nicky will invite you into a brand new way to be forever, so you can transform your world as you know it and generate big shifts in every single area of your life. 

You'll Come Away With: 

  • A new lease of life - ready to embody your authenticity, in every area of your life 
  • A deeper sense of connection to yourself and your original essence, ready to share this with the world and everyone you come across  
  • Teachings on how to identify, connect with and develop a deeper understanding of where your sense of self comes from, so you can step further into your innate power 
  • The understanding on how to create much more meaningful, deep and authentic connections with others  
  • A brand new possibility for your life - the invitation to shift who you are being and the place you live your life from - led by compassion, deepened awareness and power 

Presenter Bio

Nicky Clinch is a Master Maturation Facilitator and Teacher, Hay House author and Shamanic Healer. She leads people from all over the world through profound life-changing processes, allowing them to heal from the root, become free of their past and come home to who they truly are. A leading expert in the field of ontology, human behaviour, the human condition, trauma and energetic intelligence, Nicky is ruthlessly committed to being a space for human beings to evolve beyond their childhood patterns, traumas and generational stories, in order to mature, access higher states of consciousness and discover their infinite potential. Founding and leading The Alchemy of Being: Academy of Maturation Coaching, she has now trained hundreds of people globally to become professional maturation coaches, with her pioneering teachings and practices of the BodyMind Maturation Method™, integrating ancient wisdom, Zen mastery and the future of the evolution of being human. 

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