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Esther McCann

Manifesting Happiness

  • 24 Friday
  • 16:00 - 16:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Esther will be talking about the power of surrender and how finding our inner peace and passions in the present can unlock our paths to potential happiness. Manifestation is a game of being and in hurrying less, we manifest faster; but ironically so many people come to Manifesting with attachments to outcomes which actually put us in resistance to receiving. In this talk Esther will help the audience to feel safe to slow down, trust the process and be present with where we are today. It's all about flow and fun over force; finding our happy now rather than feeling we will only be happy when we get what we desire. Esther will finish the session guiding the audience through an Emotional Freedom Technique tapping to help them connect to gratitude and their happy place, right here right now!

Presenter Bio

Esther aka Miss Manifesther, is an international Manifestation Coach, the Author of "Manifesting Happiness" & a Public Speaker. She works with entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives to manifest their success, love lives and fulfilment by teaching them the principles of manifesting. As a result they take complete control of their lives and switch up their mindset, as they release their blocks to success and achieve their goals from a place of purpose and passion. Esther discovered she has a natural gift for manifestation following her divorce in 2017. She rapidly gained authority in this space, being approached by Dorling Kindersley of Penguin Random House to create a Manifesting Journal for the mass market. Her work is regularly described as "life changing"; she knows everybody wants to create their best life and they deserve to earn more, find love and or happiness, or to strengthen their mental health.

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