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Richard Lawrence

World Healing

  • 24 Friday
  • 15:15 - 15:45
  • FREE

Workshop Details

We live in a time of uncertainty when humanity could be facing another world war. But we can all do something about it! We all have the ability to tap into the unlimited power of the universe and channel light energy to our spiritually starved world. Immerse yourself in healing power and send it out in upliftment to others. Love energy can help to inspire those in power to act upon the guidance of their higher selves and help to bring peace and harmony to our planet. In his book ‘The Magic of Healing', Richard shares his insight into the transformational power of spiritual energy.

Presenter Bio

Richard Lawrence is an international bestselling author, teacher, healer, psychic, and medium whose books have been sold in many countries – translations have included Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Estonian. These include the international bestseller 'Unlock Your Psychic Powers', 'Journey Into Supermind' and 'The Magic of Healing', just to name few. He also co-authored 'Realise Your Inner Potential' with Dr George King. 

He has taken part in hundreds of radio shows around the world and made numerous TV appearances over the decades, as well as written for many papers and magazines. He is a host of ‘The Spiritual Freedom Show’ recently rated as the 2nd Best European Spirituality Podcast, and co-hosts ‘Aetherius Radio Live’ with fellow author Chrissie Blaze.     

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