Sarah Williamson

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Midlife Wisdom

Sarah Williamson

Why Drinking Less is Good for Mind, Body and Spirit

  • 24 Friday
  • 12:30 - 13:00
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Workshop Details

Release your beliefs about alcohol and find calm, peace and fun with Sarah. Sarah will share stories, professional wisdom and personal insights into the world of drinking; why some societies give it so much value and what choices might be worth considering now. Sarah will offer resources, tools and solutions for making positive changes around our drinking habits to better serve our emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

Presenter Bio

Sarah is a coach, mentor, trainer, expert speaker, writer, podcaster, best-selling author and founder of Drink Less; Live Better. She's spent the last 14 years coaching and mentoring people who've struggled with anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges. She works with individuals and groups to identify thinking patterns, address the associated feelings/emotions and improve the resulting behaviours. Sarah believes that choosing to change your relationship with alcohol doesn't require you to hit rock bottom and it's a powerful and positive choice to make.

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