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Eva Weaver

Snake Medicine Ceremony

  • 26 Sunday
  • 15:15 - 16:00
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Join author, coach and shamanic practitioner Eva Weaver for a powerful ceremony of renewal and transformation and taste the power of snake medicine. The serpent is a powerful symbol of transformation and snake medicine speaks volumes about our primal ability to heal, renew and restore. From these master teachers we can learn how to shed old layers, outworn beliefs, patterns, trauma and ways of being. Shed what no longer serves you and receive the goodness that is aching to find you.

Presenter Bio

Eva is a published author, writing coach, sex coach and a shamanic practitioner. Her lifelong interest in embodiment, creativity and the power of the erotic has led her to train as an art therapist, breathwork practitioner, firewalk instructor and as sexological bodyworker. She is weaving the creative, embodied and erotic into powerful offerings, such as ‘Writing from the Body’, ‘Back to Sex coaching’ or ‘Snake Medicine rituals & retreats. Eva feels deeply connected to the snake priestess traditions of ancient Greece and Egypt. She loves to breathe new life into this tradition whilst honouring the lineage and is committed to listen and transmit what the snakes teach us in these complex times Eva lives at her home Phoenix Nest near Brighton with her beautiful python Syd. Eva has been a facilitator for thirty years, both in the UK and internationally, bringing her unique style of warmth, depth, humour, knowledge and compassion to all of her work, leading people on deep, empowering journey’s.

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