Sarah Williamson

5 tips for an Alcohol-Free Autumn

With party season fast approaching, we asked coach, Sarah Williamson for her top tips on ditching the booze.

#1. There are 10 weeks between now and I'm gonna say it... Christmas and the New Year. Why don't we rethink New Year resolutions and have Year End resolutions instead? How about if we started the year already clear headed, emotionally more stable, physically feeling better and with more cash in our pockets? That would be an amazing start. If we've already tucked some sober weeks under our belts by the time Dry January comes around, we are going to be feeling physically, emotionally and Spiritually better already!

#2. Look after yourself. Autumn is for hunkering down. It's about cosy fires and warm blankets. It's also the time for bracing walks in the fresh air. It's a delight in colour and texture. Let's make the most of every second of it.

#3. Treat yourself. Get into a new habit of spending your booze money on what you might want or really need. Is it a monthly massage? Is it some delicious alcohol-free drinks? How about a personal trainer? What about a new quit lit book? Or a sober coach for support? You are worth every single penny. Spend it meaningfully.

#4. If this year has left you feeling a bit drained, let's use the last months of the year to prepare you for the next rest you might need. Imagine the Christmas break enjoyed feeling relaxed and restored. I know, I know, it sounds mad, but it is possible, I promise. Some of my most relaxing Christmases have happened since being sober.

#5 Use Sober October as an excuse, if you need one, for friends and family. Sober October is becoming part of our language now, a bit like Dry January. You can say I'm taking a 30 day break and including Halloween. Then gently roll into Fireworks night and the Christmas season feeling altogether calmer and more peaceful.

If you’re interested in finding out more, join Sarah Williamson on Saturday 18th November at the Midlife Wisdom Stage for her FREE talk; Drink Less; Live Better – Why rethinking your drinking might support your mind, body and spirit.