What is crystal healing?

But what actually is crystal healing?

So many of us find spirituality – or rather, spirituality finds us – to heal. Whether that is to help heal a trauma, a condition or to just give us a boost of happiness, many of us turn to crystals. With atrocious news stories impacting our subconscious negatively each day, our bodies can be flooded with adrenaline and cortisol, and we need help to raise our vibe back up. As humans continue to disconnect with one another around the world, crystals can help us make the first step and connect us back with ourselves.

Why go for crystals to heal?

Crystal healing is the art of selecting a specific crystal and using, along with certain techniques, its specific vibration to raise the vibration in our own energy body, thus triggering a positive change in our mind, body, and spirit. Ever held a crystal and after a few moments, realized your mood had improved? There you have it. It is said there are up to 300 distinct types of crystals in the mineral kingdom. We can bet that we have more than half of those at home!

Affordable, portable and beautiful, the reasons we love crystals could go on and on.

Who can do crystal healing?

Anyone can do this for themselves – it's as simple as seeing which crystal calls out to you and just soaking itself energy in through your hands. Sometimes it helps to have an accredited crystal expert or healer do it for us in a session while we meditate or receive Reiki energy. Go to your local healer and they’ll most likely use crystals in many of their services. However, it’s so easy to use crystals at home too – just read on to see how...

How can we heal with crystals?

Crystals can be held, worn, carried, used to infuse drinking water, bath water and more. Some are placed at specific chakra points and others can be waved around bodies to cleanse our aura, such as selenite. If we expect our crystal tools to be at their highest vibration, e must take care of them by cleansing them with either running water or sage smoke, depending on their type, and charging them in the moonlight or high energy environment.

Where can I learn more about crystal healing?

Good question! We know so many of you are fascinated by crystals and want to progress on your journey with them. That’s why we’ve invited crystal queen and Sunday Times Bestselling Author Kirsty Gallagher to tell us! Join her workshop at our upcoming festival at the NEC Birmingham on Friday 17th November 2023 at 3.30pm - with her fresh approach to crystal healing, you’ll never look at a crystal the same way again. Book your ticket here before you miss out!