Stuart Sandeman

5 tips for breathwork

Why this healing modality really works

Everyone is talking about breathwork these days. It’s become hugely popular in recent years, and for good reason; it’s free, simple and everyone can do it, wherever they are. In theory, we’re already doing it, so that’s a good start! But did you know how conscious breathwork can radically change your life? See our tips below to get started and don’t miss our upcoming workshop at the MBS Festival at the NEC Birmingham with our expert, Radio 1 Decompression Session DJ and Author of Breathe It In, Breathe It Out, Stuart Sandeman.

Have a go-to breathing technique that can catch you in times of stress or strife.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, emotional or anxious, vow to do this: inhale, then make the exhale twice as long as the inhale to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. Whether that’s in for two, hold for two and out for four, or in for four, hold for four and out for eight, have your go-to technique ready whenever you need it. Stuart calls this his ‘if in doubt, breathe it out’ technique, and we love it!

Set your intention - what do you want to get out of a new technique like this ? Is there an emotion you need to release?

Some people use breathwork to relieve low vibrations such as grief or anxiety, and some use it to achieve higher states of energy and happiness. We deeply respect Stuart for sharing his story of how breathwork allowed him to finally face his grief, and for him it even led to psychic experiences. What’s the one emotion you’d love to release that would allow you to be your best self? Or is it just to reregulate your nervous system first? Keep hold of your ‘why’ and you can’t go wrong.

Know you can involve other practices like meditation, yoga, sleep and even dance. What will your thing be?

We’re spoilt for choice these days with so many amazing spiritual experts and workshop offerings up and down our country (that’s why we pull them all together for a fab festival twice a year!). Pair breathwork with whatever you like, whether that’s kundalini yoga, meditation to fall asleep or just some deep breaths as you empty the dishwasher. The choice is yours!

Build a regular practice. Even ten minutes a day can make a difference.

So many things demand our attention these days; work, kids, admin...the list is never-ending. Start to see your breathwork session as a treat and you’ll look forward to it more. As you reap the benefits, such as a calmer mood, better sleep, or just a happier outlook on life, you won’t have to carve out time for it anymore. It’ll just be part of each and every day. They say 21 days make a habit, after all...

Embrace what comes up.

Self-work, like learning a new modality like breathwork, is work sometimes. It can be uncomfortable when emotions rise up that we’re used to pushing down. If that happens, let the tears fall and seek out friends or family to talk to about it, or take a quiet moment afterwards to journal. This is what healing feels like; the good stuff gets breathed in, the bad gets exhaled.

Raring to go? Don’t miss Stuart’s workshop at our Birmingham MBS Festival this November, Sunday morning at 10.30am. Bag your tickets and let us know you’re coming on social media by tagging us @mbswellbeing!