Introducing MBS Industry Talks: Upskill in the spirituality business

Why launch an Industry Talks programme at MBS Festival London? 

To empower and educate people, especially women, in spiritual and wellness entrepreneurship.  

Our festival is the UK’s most established popular holistic health and wellbeing event. Now, in our 47th year, our visitors at MBS London between 24-27th May will now have an exciting, dedicated path to professional growth and enlightenment. Introducing our all-new Industry Talk area, upstairs at Olympia London.  

What’s on? 

Our 13 workshops will cover a diverse range of topics from expert speakers from all over the world: 

  1. Naz Ahsun - Navigating the Path to Becoming a Spiritual and Wellbeing Author   
  2. Sarah Lloyd - Get PR Ready: Promote Yourself and Magnetise More Clients 
  3. Katie Brockhurst - Transform Your Business with Social Media Magic 
  4. Helen Rochester, Editorial Director from Hay House- Hay House Publishers Writer’s Workshop 
  5. Lynne Franks OBE - Sowing the Seeds of a Successful Business 
  6. Jessica Huie MBE - Purpose - How to Create Authentic Visibility 
  7. Tamu Thomas - Growth Without Grind: Embodied Manifestation in Business 
  8. Ryan Pinnick - How To Be a Super Genius: Create Riches Doing What You Love 
  9. Jodie Mclaren - Launching a Spiritual Podcast in the Self-Development Space 
  10. Dr Christina Rahm - Building An $80 Million a Year Wellness Company  


Why now?

According to BusinessWire, just the complementary and alternative medicines segment within the spiritual industry was valued at $271.8 billion in 2024. But, in the UK at least, only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is a woman - a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing businesses, according to  

Seeing as 90% of our visitors are female, we wanted to pool our resources and actively set out to even the gap. Male-led SMEs are 5 times more likely to scale up to £1 million turnover than female-led SMEs, but MBS Festivals wants to change that. We want to empower women to deepen their expertise and expand their businesses with confidence in this competitive landscape. But of course, everyone is welcome, young and wise, female, non-binary or male, of any background.   

Don’t forget the networking potential 

Connecting with like-minded individuals and mentors can be invaluable for women entrepreneurs, offering support, encouragement, and potential collaborations. Building a strong network fosters growth, opens doors to new opportunities, and reinforces a sense of belonging within the spiritual and wellness community. The potential for new friends and connections is amazing.  

Diversity and inclusion matters 

Beyond the individual benefits, these events contribute to the collective elevation of women in the industry. By amplifying diverse voices, celebrating achievements, and addressing systemic barriers, we want to foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. As women rise in leadership and influence within the spiritual and wellness sector, we hope they will inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and pave the way for positive change, in our industry and in others. 

By offering this new programme of Industry Talks, we empower our visitors to thrive as leaders, healers, and changemakers in a rapidly evolving world. We sow the seeds for a future where spirituality, wellness, and entrepreneurship intersect to create profound impact and positive change for all.  

Let’s start a conversation. Buy your tickets here and let us know if you’re coming in the comments.

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