2 Minutes with Kirsty Gallagher

We had a chance to sit down with the vibrant Sunday Times bestselling author Kirsty Gallagher for an enlightening two-minute conversation regarding her upcoming workshop at MBS Birmingham. She has so much passion for teaching at our festival, and we’re so excited to invite her back. Here's what she had to share:

Her Upcoming Workshop

When asked to describe her upcoming workshop at MBS Birmingham in one word, Kirsty dropped one word that says it all: empowering. Kirsty's ‘Crystals as Medicine’ workshop on Friday 17th November will show us how to use crystals to ground, soothe and heal us. This is life-changing knowledge you can’t a ord to miss.

Her Favourite Part of Teaching At MBS

To Kirsty, the MBS festival feels like being around family. It's clear that she greatly enjoys the energy, interaction, and learning that occurs at the festival, and so do we! The energy will be high across the festival floor and you’re bound to have a lightbulb moment or two.

Are Crystals The Right Healing Modality For Us?

Kirsty also shed light on how to know if crystals are the right healing modality for us. Though there are so many healing techniques out there, we’ll know if crystals call to us (and they definitely do for us!). Workshop attendees will learn about how to use our ‘crystal friends’ as Kirsty calls them, e ectively and powerfully.

How Crystals Can Ease Tension We Feel Watching The News

Kirsty touched on a more global concern: how can crystals help us tackle the tension we feel about world crises? Stress, anxiety and worry have caused our bodies to release an avalanche of adrenaline and cortisol, whilst our conscious and subconscious minds have been bu eted by innumerable viewpoints by across news outlets and social media. Our beautiful stones can be our anchor in these times, and Kirsty can show us how.

Don't Miss Her Workshop

Our conversation with Kirsty was as illuminating as her workshop will be! Join in on Friday, 17th November at 3.30pm at MBS Birmingham. Buy your tickets here and save £2.50 as opposed to buying on the day. Get ready for all the crystal wisdom you could want!