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Wellbeing Studio

Alla Svirinskaya

Deflect Negative Vibrations & Own Your Energy

  • 19 Sunday
  • 12:45 - 13:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

In this talk inspired by Alla's new book, Energy Rules, a #1 Amazon Bestseller published by Hay House, Alla will uncover the hidden reason behind why so many of us experience energy loss. She'll also present highly-acclaimed, practice-proven techniques for an energy makeover like no other, followed by a book-signing session at the Hay House exhibitor stand. 

Energy knowledge brings energy power, and with Alla's know-how, you will learn how to filter out what harms and attract what uplifts. Alla will demystify commonly misunderstood terms, like 'toxic energy', 'energy hygiene' and 'energy vampire' so you can transform fear of negativity into your authentic superpower.

Through Alla's signature pragmatic, inclusive style, you will learn the principles of how to:
- Filter out what harms and attract what uplifts 
- Live a 'non-toxic energy' lifestyle for thriving in the modern world
- Self-scan your energy for blockages and life-force loss
- Supercharge your aura immunity for energy self-defence
- Recognise different types of energy vampires and create tailored protection
- Unlock your 'energy ID' and become your authentic self

Join us for this enlightening session consciously gifted to you so that you can expand your focus beyond time management, and start managing your personal energy as well. Play by the new Energy Rules and feel the difference!

Presenter Bio

Alla is commonly referred as a celebrity healer and renowned for her many months long waiting list. Nominated for MBS Personality of the Year, Alla is a bestselling author of four books on wellbeing which has been translated into more than 20 languages. Famously Sarah, Duchess of York, wrote the forewords to her first book Energy Secrets. 

She has a gorgeous, positively energetic vibe and her book tours are always sold out. When Alla talks, everyone listens. 

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