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Wellbeing Studio

Emma Mumford

Manifesting Rituals for Abundance: Powerful rituals to set you up for manifesting success!

  • 18 Saturday
  • 14:45 - 15:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Join the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert and bestselling author Emma Mumford as she guides you through powerful manifesting rituals that you can use straightaway to help set you up for success with love, health, finances, career and abundance!

Presenter Bio

Emma Mumford is the UK's leading Manifestation expert. She is an award-winning life coach, 3x bestselling author of her books Positively Wealthy and Hurt, Healing, Healed, Law of Attraction YouTuber, speaker and podcast host of the #1 Spirituality podcast on iTunes 'Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast'. Emma's work helps you turn your dream life into an abundant reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality. Emma's work has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally over the last eight years.

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