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Michael James

Love Creates Reality - How to Let Go and Receive

  • 17 Friday
  • 13:45 - 14:30
  • FREE

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What we all want is to be ourselves and be free to enjoy our best lives. We've read those personal development and Law of Attraction books... but are they working? The good news is, it's not just you - many people are finding that constantly striving to "manifest" a better life by trying to control their thinking isn't working for them either.

In this event, Michael cuts through the faulty teachings and shares some practical and proven ideas. It's time for unconditional self-love rather than self-improvement. Discover how you can feel better, no matter what in all areas of life!

Presenter Bio

"A teacher of teachers." Esther Hicks
Michael James empowers us with straight-forward techniques to manage our emotions.” Science of Mind Magazine

Michael James is a personal development teacher and one of the most respected life coaches in the UK who has taught thousands of people through books, one-to-ones and over 800 groups and workshops to-date. He is the author of Emotional First Aid: How to Feel Better in Times of Crisis - and his latest book is Feel Better, No Matter What: A 4-Week Course to Love the Life You Have Right Now (both published by Watkins Publishing).

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