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TWIN FLAMES: Moving from 5D to 12D Activation, Part Two

  • 19 Sunday
  • 10:30 - 11:00
  • FREE

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Pt 2: 12D Ascension is being lead by twin flames:
The awakening of humanity in the new earth is all about building new templates on earth, which means the collapsing of the old matrix on how are used to be around: business, relationships, mindset, self-love & finances and all other relevant instituions that we engage in. Raghida will discuss the transition about coming into the building of new Earth, the building of new unity, working in collaboration working in harmony, working in unity towards greater collective higher convergence grids. In essence moving away from the dark, old Piscean ways on earth and coming into the GOLDEN age of Aquarius. Moving from consumption into divine creation, invoking our highest creative potential and anchoring back into our heart intelligence and magnetism. Raghida will close ceremony in the Inca shamanic tradition.

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