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Antonia Harman

Energetic Cellular Regeneration – Unveiling the Magic of Dis-ease Reversal and De-Aging

  • 17 Friday
  • 16:00 - 16:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Discover the Future of Healing. Join us for a Transformative Journey as we warmly invite you to a groundbreaking lecture on Energetic Cellular Regeneration. Embark on a journey leading you into this revolutionary field's heart.

Every breakthrough originates from necessity, and Energetic Cellular Regeneration is a prime example. The tale began with Lisa, a close friend of Antonia's, who suffered a severe injury to her finger. Little did they both know that this incident would alter the course of their lives, potentially reshaping the world. On this day, Antonia stumbled upon the holy grail of healing—the enchanting power of Energetic Cellular Regeneration. In that moment, she became a pioneer of human transformation, marking the birth of the first human med bed. This pivotal discovery was a game-changer.

Antonia proceeded to reverse peri-menopause, achieving a revitalised state and unlocking new realms of age-related transformations. This journey from necessity to innovation unveiled the extraordinary potential of Energetic Cellular Regeneration, poised to revolutionise the landscape of healing and well-being. Since that groundbreaking moment, Antonia's accomplishments have been nothing short of remarkable. She not only reversed peri-menopause but also mastered the art of de-aging. Antonia defied the symptoms of osteoarthritis and guided clients towards the rediscovery of vibrant, youthful vitality.

Be part of this transformative experience, where the future of healing takes centre stage. Join us for an eye-opening talk that unveils the ultimate bio-hack, as we embrace a new era of well-being. The future has arrived—don't miss out!

Presenter Bio

Antonia has carved her trailblazing path and revolutionised the world of health and wellbeing. As a multi-award-winning healer, teacher and author, Antonia introduces a unique approach called ‘wizardry,’ which embodies evolved spiritual healing, enlightening and magic. Wizards have awakened to their true divine nature, unlike witches, who rely on various tools like cards, potions, and spells. Antonia firmly believes that we are gods with amnesia, and wizardry serves as the key to remembering our innate powers.

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