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Anne Malone

Sacred Sound Meditation into Mantra Magic

  • 17 Friday
  • 13:00 - 13:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Bathe in the healing vibrations and rhythms of Sacred Sound.

In this session, dive deep into the healing sounds of Singing Bowls, Celtic Drum, Rainstick and Vocal Toning. With each sound, Anne guides you deeper and deeper into your Heart, finding your home, gently drifting into the magical songs and Mantra. Home is where the Heart is, come home to your Heart.

Presenter Bio

As a musician and a student of yoga, Anne has a deep understanding of how music and movement flow and unfold with ease and grace, creating a wonderful world of Sacred Sound. Anne’s love of yoga and meditation has added depth of devotion and physical awareness throughout her journey, and by combining her training in Sacred Sound: (Chris James), The Journey (Brandon Bays) and Shamanic Ceremony (Annie Spencer) with her Prana Flow training with Shiva Rea, she offers a unique yogic musical exploration and has been privileged to share musical journeys with Shiva Rea over many years.

Her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the exotic rhythms of Latin America. With a wealth of recorded music, a nomination for an NME Award and iTunes top 10 chart, Anne’s love of composing SoundScapes allows her to share her music on all platforms iTunes, Spotify etc. Anne’s pioneering "Art of Sacred Sound" Trainings have grown over past 10 years, and now partners with Yogacampus, Shala and The Life Centre nationally and internationally.

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