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Midlife Wisdom

Hannah Wallace

Finding your voice and activating your power

  • 19 Sunday
  • 14:45 - 15:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

This session will help you reclaim and find your voice and reclaim your power on your terms. This session will involve gentle movement, chant and meditation. Along side us understanding what our voice means to us and how we want to use it, there’s no right or wrong. What are you really trying to say and on the flip side how do you talk to yourself. Unraveling and identifying the story which has repressed our voice. This workshop will help and guide you to reclaim your voice and power and to speak from the heart.

Presenter Bio

Hannah is the host of the podcast finding grace, a disability model and advocate, a writer, blogger, speaker and priestess. She guides people to find grace in their lives, and to help them integrate their darkness and light and embody themselves fully.

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