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Midlife Wisdom

Clio Wood

Sex and the Sandwich Generation - How to get your mojo back in midlife

  • 19 Sunday
  • 11:45 - 12:30
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Workshop Details

Women's health expert and author of Get Your Mojo Back, Clio Wood hosts an inspiring, informative and relatable session to help you have great sex in midlife. The Sandwich Generation faces pressures from all sides: of caring up and down, juggling a career, social life, societal expectations and more. Our identity, relationships and sex life often get buried. Learn how to rediscover it and enjoy fulfilling intimacy again in this engaging talk, including workshop aspects and Q&A. Your pleasure matters!

Presenter Bio

Clio Wood is a women's health and sex positivity advocate, journalist and Founder of &Breathe. She create &Breathe, an award-winning wellbeing retreat company, after she experienced the traumatic birth of her first daughter and subsequent postnatal depression, PTSD and pelvic floor issues. Through her own experience and the creation of &Breathe she became deeply knowledgeable on postnatal and menopause health and sexual wellbeing and began to champion these areas through her writing, speaking and ultimately her first book, Get Your Mojo Back, Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy After Birth (Watkins, 2023).

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