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Midlife Wisdom

Tree Carr

Spellcraft for Self-Care - Reconnect with the lost magic within you

  • 18 Saturday
  • 11:45 - 12:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Feeling weighed down and disconnected from yourself and life? Have you lost yourself in the mundane greyness of day-to-day living? In this experiential and playful talk, TedEx Speaker, mystic and author Tree Carr takes you on a journey to embrace the healing power of spells to support your everyday mental health and wellbeing. Tree will guide you through the halls of the history of magic to the present day, introducing you to simple daily rituals and spells that will reconnect to the lost magic within you.

Presenter Bio

Tree is a published author and TEDx speaker who works in the field of Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on dreams, death, altered states of consciousness and psychedelic assisted therapy. She holds a professional certificate in Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology with the Alef Trust and is a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. A high priestess witch and master of Wicca, she was ordained in 2021 at The Universal Life Church and has studied at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science. She is aso a faculty member of The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft and has authored five books.

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