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Midlife Wisdom

Estelle Bingham

Menopause And The Initiation Of The Triple Goddess

  • 17 Friday
  • 16:45 - 17:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

In this workshop Estelle will guide you in stepping forward as the Powerful Elder and Guardian that you are. She will help you unlock your innate wisdom and embody the Gifts from the lessons of your life.  

In the same way it was for our ancestors, the midlife point is actually the beginning of the most incredible integration of your life's teachings. It is an initiation into embodying the power of your unique wisdom, and right now we need the wisdom of our Elders more than ever.  

Estelle will lead you through the archetypal journey from Maiden to Mother to Crone, grounding these energies in your heart, so that you can offer the Gift of your life experience to the world. 

Presenter Bio

Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Estelle Bingham has been described as the ‘Heart Whisperer’.  She has been supporting others to find more Love, Purpose & Connection in their lives for over 20 years. Fourth generation psychic and a mediator since the age of six years old, the journey of the Soul has been an integral part of her life since the very beginning. She is committed to helping others heal, express truth and embrace and embody their true joy and potential. She leads the Love, Purpose Connection Retreats annually and she has also been holding Sacred Full Moon circles for over 20 year. Her work and practice has led her to develop the Angelic* Shamanic healing modality which she is teaching as a one-year Practioner Training Course.    

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