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Midlife Wisdom

Nilesh Satguru

Compassion Mastery Experience - Create Unconditional Peace, Awaken True Success

  • 17 Friday
  • 12:45 - 13:30
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Inspired by Himalayan sages, applied through science.

Join this live immersive emotive experience for you to master your emotions and accomplish with more speed and ease. Go inwards to give outwards. We will focus on one core emotion, understand, release and transcend it using the 333 approach.

Here is the flow:

1) Deep ancient mind-body practices to clear your energy & create peace of mind.
2) A unique tool and training for you to commit to accomplishing fast.
3) Powerful live coaching to help you see the blocks you cannot see & release them for clarity, abundance and connection. 

Presenter Bio

Dr Nilesh Satguru is a self-mastery coach and compassion expert.

After over a decade of practising medicine, Nilesh now helps entrepreneurs awaken true success with compassion. His work spans five continents and his client list includes seven-figure serial entrepreneurs, ex-athletes, authors, executive coaches and award-winning charity founders. Although they are from diverse backgrounds, they all share a desire to “go inwards to give outwards”. Nilesh is the founder of a community called ‘Compassion Mastery’, whose purpose is to create and elevate compassionate entrepreneurs. His work has been featured in multiple magazines, including Entrepreneur, and he was recently named by LA Weekly as one of the "10 Leading Coaches to Watch in 2023."

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