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Kim Dhaliwal & Lakhmi Bhambra

Angelic Reiki / Angels / Healing

  • 19 Sunday
  • 11:30 - 12:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Understand angels and how to connect to the Angelic Kingdom, including a group healing experience.


Presenter Bio

Kim Dhaliwal is a Holistic and Spiritual healer/teacher, for over 15years. From a very young age she was surrounded by Angels and spirit, and a life changing premonition finally opened her eyes to what she was blessed with and consequently her healing journey commenced onto a divine spiritual path.

She has a client base from all ‘walks of life’ national and international. Her clients describe her as a happy, friendly, empathetic, gifted and knowledgeable “Earth Angel”

She has recently released her new book “Wings of Wisdom”, which she will be launching at this event. This book is a self-help guidance tool, full of inspiration, and wisdom, it also offers programs, mantras and affirmations to resonate and amplify your existence and potential. This book was birthed from all the wisdom she gained during a challenging difficult few years of grief and trauma in her personal life.

She is a Master Angelic Reiki Teacher, runs meditation classes and workshops. Treatment sessions she offers are Angelic Reiki, CBT, Grief Counselling, Gut Health programmes, Indian Head massage and Thai Foot massage.

Lakhmi Bhambra- A student for Kim’s first Angelic Reiki Workshop/Course.

She is also an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, and offers Intuitive Reiki and Wellness Coaching


Lakhmi Bhambra is an award winning celebrity endorsed Reiki Master Teacher in both Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki. She is also a certified Wellness Coach with a science degree who has worked in the medical industry for over a decade. She is passionate about bringing the science behind spirituality and showing people that both can work in harmony with one another as everything in the Universe is energy. She has been spiritually blessed since birth but her journey has been a rocky one as she experienced multiple traumas and griefs in a short period of time and struggled to find the answers she searched for externally. 

Having understood the power that lies within us all she is now on a mission to help people understand their own abilities through her bespoke wellness coaching that combines the power of Intuitive Reiki (a combination of all her energy healing modalities) and practical techniques that can help people transform their life in just minutes - using the The 111 Approach - 1 minute, 1 focus, 1 day at a time. Specializing in remote healings and tailor-made wellness retreats and programmes, Lakhmi has clients all over the world and her client list includes some of the world's most recognised names. 

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