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Antonia Harman

Revolutionising Healing: Cracking the Code to Wellness.

  • 19 Sunday
  • 12:30 - 13:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Get ready for an extraordinary experience as Antonia reveals her groundbreaking techniques that are set to revolutionise the world of healing. Antonia has unlocked the secrets of DNA recoding, offering a swift solution to banishing illness in a single, awe-inspiring move.


Witness how she achieves the unimaginable - Antonia's "Source Code" method dissolved a benign uterine tumour in a mere 48 hours and wholly healed a first-degree burn in just 24 hours and a second-degree burn in just a few days.


That's not all. Antonia will also delve into her "Grand Theory of Dis-ease." She has crafted a simple yet astonishing theory that unveils the essence of what causes disease and how to conquer it. Drawing inspiration from ancient sites, the natural world and intriguing Princeton experiments, her theory sheds light on the profound workings of the universe. If you're eager to unravel the mysteries of the universe and gain a new perspective on health and well-being, this enlightening talk is an opportunity you can't afford to miss. Strap in for a captivating journey into the frontiers of healing and discovery.


Presenter Bio

Step into the world of Antonia Harman, a celebrated multi-award-winning healer, teacher, author and founder of 'Divine Empowerment Energetic Evolution'. Antonia has unravelled the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos. With a prominent presence in the world of well-being, Antonia's insights have graced over a hundred articles in the press. If you're eager to delve deeper into her wisdom, explore her captivating YouTube channel for an immersive journey into the universe's wonders.


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