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Antonia Harman

Unlocking the Power Within - A Workshop to Instantly Dissolve Emotional Trauma

  • 18 Saturday
  • 15:30 - 16:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Join us for a transformative experience led by the renowned authority on emotional trauma resolution. Antonia Harman, from Divine Empowerment will delve into the realm of cutting-edge healing techniques. Emotions are energy, they often linger in our energy fields, casting shadows of anxiety and depression. With over two decades of dedicated trance work, Antonia has unveiled the secrets to instant emotional trauma dissolution.


Imagine being able to face a distressing memory peacefully. In this session, you will be asked to rate a trauma intensity on a scale from 1 to 10 and then immerse yourself in those heavy emotions, knowing that Antonia will expertly dissolve the emotional residue, leaving you calm. It's akin to what Buddhists call 'non-attachment,' Antonia calls it the 'fast-track forgiveness.' Now, when you revisit your troubling past, you'll find that serenity prevails where agitation and emotional turmoil once reigned.


Efficiently dissolving traumas offers liberation from your past, enabling you to embrace the best version of yourself. You'll become less prone to triggers and less likely to attract the same style of trauma or abuse that once held you captive. In this enlightening session, we'll explore and dissolve a spectrum of emotions, including grief, sadness, shame, regret, and loss, as we embark on a journey of healing and transformation. Don't miss this opportunity to break free from the chains of emotional trauma and embrace a brighter, more empowered future.


Presenter Bio

Step into the world of Antonia Harman, a celebrated multi-award-winning healer, teacher, author and founder of 'Divine Empowerment Energetic Evolution'. Antonia has unravelled the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos. With a prominent presence in the world of well-being, Antonia's insights have graced over a hundred articles in the press. If you're eager to delve deeper into her wisdom, explore her captivating YouTube channel for an immersive journey into the universe's wonders.


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