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Skarlet Lu Realta


  • 18 Saturday
  • 13:30 - 14:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Discover how to reactivate it to make amazing things happen.


You are a force of extraordinary Magik. You were born with it. You just have to re-member how to reactive and direct it to make amazing things happen in your life. This magik exists as a guiding force to bring wonder to everything you touch, to make the seemingly impossible become possible in your hands. While quantum scientists describe it as the ‘spooky action at a distance’ power to create reality, alchemists as the magical elixir of life and mystics as the mysterious force that unleashes the genius within, the real question is are you ready to reactivate it within you and transform your world through magik?


Presenter Bio

Contrarian, Adventurer, Magik Maker, Skarlet is the founder of Skolomanche Academy of Magik, internationally acclaimed author, mentor, and speaker. She has appeared on television, film, news, and radio across the globe, addressing audiences from Australia to Antarctica. She teaches and writes for a single purpose: to open people to the wonder of magik being a real force in their lives. To break them out of their comfort zone, think beyond the norm and realise that we each have within us the power to make the paranormal become normal and fantasy become tangible fact in our hands. From the earliest age, Skarlet believed the world to be magik yet, like many of us, she shut that away when she was told that magik only existed in fairy tales. For 16 years, she threw herself into a highly successful career in international finance until, one 2005 snow-bound December day in Edinburgh Castle, that all changed. A series of extraordinary events saw her leave her old life behind, as the curious nature of magik became her passion and she followed a new path to explore the remarkable generative magik of story.

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