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Tanishka The Moon Woman

Awakening the Sacred Masculine Ceremony

  • 19 Sunday
  • 16:30 - 17:00
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Join Tanishka, author of The Grail to invoke the energy of Cernunnos; the archetype of the Green Man or Earth Father. This is the masculine aspect who governs the heart and honours the wisdom of the cycles taught by the Magdalenes in the ancient Grail tradition. This 30 min session will include a short sacred ceremony and guided meditation to support the return of the sacred masculine to restore the fertility of the land and her people and the embodied wisdom needed to ensure social sustainability essential for health partnerships, families and communities.

To find out more, attend Tanishka's presentation, Awakening the Sacred Masculine at 12.45pm on the Midlife Wisdom stage.

Presenter Bio

Tanishka is best known as Facebook's ‘Moon Woman' with 474,000 followers. She is the author of six books, including Goddess Wisdom Made Easy published by Hay House UK and translated into multiple languages and listed in Aspire magazine’s top 10 books for women and billed as a ‘rising star’ in Soul and Spirit magazine UK.

A leader in the global Red Tent movement she has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent women’s circles as a community building initiative to support women during the darkest lunar phase which is women’s most challenging time of the month. 

A former stand-up comedienne, she has captivated audiences around the world decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ which holds the key to Awakening the Sacred Masculine - the subject of her latest book, The Grail rated 5 stars on Amazon.  

Tanishka is passionate about putting social sustainability into our global conversation on the understanding that you can’t save the Amazon if you can’t keep a pot plant alive. She offers practical advice to live more sustainably by understanding how nature’s cycles impact our psyche, energy levels, libido and relationships.

In addition to being a popular keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals online and worldwide, her articles and interviews have been featured in leading women’s magazines including Elle, Female First, Gaia, Huffington Post. In 2023 she toured India, Morocco, Europe & the UK offering free consciousness-raising events to help fulfil the Whirling Rainbow prophecy. 

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