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Dhyan Ji

Darshan Ceremony

  • 19 Sunday
  • 15:30 - 16:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Come experience Darshan, an energy blessing to assist you personally on your path of awakening. It is a Sanskrit word meaning to see clearly or see beyond the illusion, so you can find your way back home and unlock your inner potential.

Presenter Bio

Hi my name is Dhyan Ji. I am a Spiritual Life Coach/Teacher and Healer and Director of Elevate Your Mind a new company focusing on mental well-being, spiritual development and successful living. I have an extensive background in Meditation (40 years), Complementary Therapies (Foundation Degree), Reiki (25 years), Sound healing (6 years) Darshan (8 years) and Energy Healing (25 years).I am also a gifted healer, psychic and intuitive. I have organised spiritual events, retreats, women's circles and gatherings for over 10 years now along side my healing work. My work so far has stretched over 25 years and I have undergone huge changes in my own professional, spiritual and personal development throughout that time. I have honed and developed my God given skills and abilities to bring more balance, healing, empowerment and well-being into my clients lives. My work has often been so transformational it has set people on a new trajectory, after they have reconnected with their own gifts, talents and abilities. My work is a powerful, joyful transformational and spiritually enlightening experience. When you work with me you will discover the keys you need to elevating your body, mind and life, so that you can start living in harmony with your truth and soul. I am here to empower you to be the best version of yourself and bring your souls calling into your reality so you can share the gifts of your soul with the world. My Darshan and energy healing can help clear your body mind and set you on a path of peace and connection. All my work is to support you on your journey of awakening as you navigate the new energies flooding into the world at this time and create a clear structure to bring more love, peace and balance into your life. Darshan helps to clear the trauma and heal the ancestral timelines in your family. I work multidimensionally to bring you into a greater harmony with your own truth, awakening and freedom. This session is to help activate your jana centre or the third eye connecting you to your own deeper wisdom and knowledge. My One to Ones are an opportunity for you to dive really deep into the moment and discover the truth about who and what you are. I also use my intuitive gifts and practical advice unique to you to offer guidance in your life, relationships and career. It is a life health check for your life, where we can focus and clear whatever the main issue is for you at this time. It is a life overhaul. My One to One courses are an opportunity to work with me over an extended period of time to bring lasting transformation and freedom into your life where you may be feeling stuck or trapped and lost needing clear guidance and tools to really help you become a leader in your own life and career. This is where we get to the nitty gritty in more depth and shift things energetically from the inside out. If this calls to you and you would like to work with me, then please send me a private message.

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