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Ceremony Space

Indiana Sea Cloud Hill

Wisdom of the Heart & Womb

  • 19 Sunday
  • 12:30 - 13:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Journey to the wisdom of your Heart & Womb/hara with the medicine of San Pedro/Wachuma tincture. Grandfather spirit that brings Heaven on Earth. This medicine will act as a key to unlock ancient wisdom that will guide you on your Earthwalk. This will be supported by drum medicine and ancient chants.

Presenter Bio

Indianna is a Medicine Woman and works with many modalities such as jungle & native plants. Drum medicine, cosmic frequencies, soul langue and more. She hasbeen working in the health & wellbeing world for 23 years with a wide spectrum of training & initiations, from Beauty, Nutrition & Cookery teacher, Egyptian yoga, PT, Reiki, Mental Health trained. Deep initiations & trainings in Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica & Mexico. My offerings & souls purpose is my devotion to the one. She loves what she does and is so grateful to be here & be of service.

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