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Aspects of Healing

Debbie Austin

Shedding Light On Self-Doubt And Its Surprising Role In Our Awakening

  • 19 Sunday
  • 12:45 - 13:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Do you sometimes struggle with self-doubt? Or feel like it holds you back? In this talk, we'll explore the roots of self-doubt, how it can affect us and why it can still occur (even if we have been on our Spiritual journey for a while). I’ll share insights and strategies of what you can do to change your relationship with doubt, how to unlock its deeper purpose, so that you feel more confident and aligned with your True Self. Join us as we shed light on this all-too-common issue and discover empowering ways forward.

Presenter Bio

The Metaphysical Society (MSEC) is a register of qualified Metaphysical Counsellors, Facilitators & Teachers. We believe Spirituality can be USEFUL, PRACTICAL & RELEVANT to everyday living. For the last 25+ years our aim has been to deepen understanding of Metaphysics and empower individuals with the knowledge, insights & know-how to get unstuck, find more inner peace & transform life challenges into empowering soul lessons. Our members offer Holistic counselling sessions, courses for personal interest and BRCP Approved professional training for Counsellors, Facilitators & Teachers. Debbie Austin is Principal of the Metaphysical Society & Founder of the School of Metaphysics.

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