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Aspects of Healing

Louise Wint

Getting “unstuck”; Discovering ease in The Journey

  • 18 Saturday
  • 12:45 - 13:15
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Workshop Details

We can tend to approach life from a place of 'action', as though the only way to handle challenges, reach goals, even heal, is from a place of 'pushing through'! As we begin to wake up and discover a spiritual way of being in the world, we can still transfer this 'pushing' energy onto that journey! Perhaps, like Louise was, you're 'pushing' your way through your healing, creating a sense of 'stuckness'? In this session, Louise will share some aspects of the Metaphysical Counselling process, and how it can support us in healing our experiences. 

Presenter Bio

Louise is a Metaphysical Counsellor, Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. Through her discovery of Metaphysics and Yoga, she has found clarity in The Journey, and a way to enjoy and appreciate the transformational process. Coming from a corporate “driven” background of 20 years, there was much “unlearning” to be done in her approach to Life. Living a wonderful 10 years in South Asia, the ‘magic’ was all around and sparked Louise to create the changes she knew were possible. 
After re-training, she is now based in the UK sharing and supporting others on their journey of change and transformation. She works 1:1, in groups, and has Co-founded Roam Retreats, for a truly immersive self enquiry experience.

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