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Alchemy of Sound

Helena Carta

Vocal Alchemy Workshop

  • 18 Saturday
  • 12:30 - 13:00
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Embrace the power of your voice! Join respected singer, songwriter, and holistic music therapist Helena for a taster workshop that will awaken the magic within your voice. Discover the ancient wisdom of using sacred instruments and vocal tones to heal and shift your consciousness, just as our ancestors did for millennia.

In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the power of sound and frequency to elevate your state of being. Through natural sounds and vocal/breathing techniques, Helena will guide you in lifting your vibration and unlocking your innate ability to heal. Embrace your voice as the sacred instrument it was meant to be, and tap into the limitless potential for self-transformation.

Don't be afraid to explore the energy of sound within you and enhance the magic of your own frequency. Experience firsthand how the sounds we create can realign the energy centres of our earthly bodies and harmonize with our etheric soul source. Embrace the medicine of music to bring your consciousness back into alignment with source and discover the true song of your heart.

This taster workshop is a unique opportunity to tap into the ancient wisdom of sound healing and empower yourself with the tools to heal and bring your consciousness back into alignment. Join Helena and discover the transformative power of your own voice. Let music be your medicine and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and alignment.

Slots are limited, so please arrive early...

Presenter Bio

Helena, the visionary behind Virtual Sound Healing and Beyond, is a respected singer songwriter, and holistic music therapist with a remarkable lineage of musical talent fuelling her journey. With decades of experience and a diverse portfolio, including working and collaborations with renowned artists like Seal, Roachford, and Errol Brown, Helena has honed her craft and embraced the power of sound as a form of therapy.

Drawing inspiration from her family's opera background and her work with various genres, including Pop, Dance, Folk and Rock, Helena understands the profound impact sound has on our emotions and well-being. Through her deep understanding of sound frequencies generated by the voice and sacred instruments, she has unlocked the potential for healing oneself and others.

Helena's expertise extends beyond music. She is a fully qualified and insured therapist, certified in Meridian Psychotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy (including Hypnotherapy), and Sound Healing. Under the tutelage of highly respected Sound Alchemist Anne Malone, Helena has mastered the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls, vocal toning, and other sacred instruments.

Through Sacral Sound, Helena guides individuals on transformative journeys of self-healing and soul connection. With her mantra "Let Music be thy Medicine," she invites you to experience the divine magic of sacred sound and embark on a path of healing, growth, and profound transformation. 

Let Helena's expertise and sound resonate within you, leading you to deeper understanding of yourself and the power of sound to find your “heart's true song”. 

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