your surrounding energy

Aura Readings

See and understand the energies that surround you. Using scientific sensory equipment, we will capture a perception of your aura through our unique aura camera and provide you a physical polaroid photograph to keep. A friendly team of readers will be able to share with you their knowledge of each colour, its position and any deeper meaning.

What makes an aura reading at Mind Body Spirit Festival unique?

We are lucky to have an original Aura Camera 6000 machine, unlike modern / digital alternatives, our original machine is one of the only working Aura 6000 cameras in the UK and has been a main stay feature at the MBS Festival for 30+ years!

Frequently asked questions
The Human Aura is the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields surrounding and penetrating the physical body.
An aura reading typically involves a psychic or Intuitive using their extrasensory perception to tune into a person's aura and interpret the colours, patterns and shapes they see.
It's generally recommended that you come to an aura reading with an open mind and a willingness to receive guidance and insight. Some people may choose to meditate or focus on their intentions before the reading to help them get in a receptive state.