Lorna Byrne

We all have the potential for new beginnings by Lorna Byrne

This is a personal message from the wonderful Lorna Byrne who is hosting a workshop on 9th August; Reflect and Appreciate – spiritual stepping stones. In the workshop, Lorna will help you reflect on where you are at this moment and guide you to appreciate all that is great in your life. Lorna will guide the audience through a meditation and an exercise, and also give the audience an opportunity to ask questions.


'I would like to remind you that you have the power to change in all areas of your life. It doesn’t matter if it is your career or your personal life. It is possible because you are amazing, you are unique, and you are so much stronger than you think. God loves you, your guardian angel loves you and I love you'. Lorna Byrne

'Another thing I would like to tell you about new beginnings is that, with anything that you decide to change in your life in the new year, even if you don’t succeed at doing it all of the time, remember that you can try again, so don’t give up. Below, I am sharing with you a message from the angels about the New Year and new beginnings, which is an extract from my book “The Year With Angels. A Guide to Living Lovingly Through the Seasons”.

“The period from November until January is not just a time of celebration in many religions, it is also a time of the intertwining of the old and the new years and is a time of new beginnings across many cultures. We have the potential for new beginnings all year round, but most of us are inclined to ignore this potential because we are afraid of change. Or we simply don’t even make the time to imagine what change for the better would look like in our lives. We have so many potential destinies, but we grasp so few. We forget that each and every day we have to potential for new starts in our lives”.

New beginnings don’t have to be big or dramatic. They are not usually about winning the lottery, moving country or becoming famous. New beginnings are often about having a change of attitude about ourselves. So many of us lock away our true selves because of hurt or pain or because we feel inadequate. Allow yourself to feel love and compassion for yourself. If you could only see what the angels show me about how unnecessarily hard we make our lives, you would have to smile. The most powerful new beginning anyone can make is to allow love – love for yourself and love for others – to grow”.

Blessings to you, your loved ones and your family,


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