2 Minutes with Jade Shaw: An Insight into her Astral Travel Workshop

If you've ever been intrigued by the concept of astral travel, you're in for a treat this November. We recently had the chance to catch up with Jade Shaw, the number one expert in the field, who’s worked with institutions such as Mind Valley and taught in over 25 countries across the world. She gave us a glimpse into her upcoming astral travel workshop at MBS Birmingham. Here's more from our enlightening conversation.

Astral Travel Workshop: A One-Word Description

Jade was asked to describe her upcoming workshop in one word. Her response?

"Transcendence!" Transcending our fears, our reality, our old sense of self - it’s all about levelling up and exploring the unknown, and there's nothing cooler than that.

Learning Astral Travel

But how will we actually learn to astral travel? Jade's workshop will teach us the three secret little steps it takes, so don’t miss out on these crucial techniques you won’t be able to learn and implement as fast anywhere else!

Jade's Favourite Teaching Moment

The sense of awe and wonder she experiences when participants begin to grasp the concept of astral travel. We can’t wait to be the ones who have breakthroughs such as connecting with our passed on loved ones (yes, it really happens!). It's a moment she loves witnessing, and one that participants at MBS Birmingham can look forward to experiencing.

Astral Travel Is For Everyone

One common concern about astral travel is its perceived link to intermediate spiritual abilities. But even beginners can learn it! People have been doing it for millennia in order to gain insights from realms beyond reality and live a transformational life back here on Earth. Jade has taught all over the world, so we know we’re in good hands.

Astral Travel and Sleep Quality

Another common query is whether astral travel can affect sleep quality, especially for those who aren't great sleepers. Jade reassured us that astral travel doesn't interfere with sleep—in fact, it can even enhance it. This is certainly good news for those looking to improve their sleep while exploring new dimensions.

For those interested in expanding their horizons, don't miss this opportunity to learn from expert Jade Shaw on Friday, 17th November at 1.30pm at MBS Birmingham. Buy your tickets in advance here and save £2.50 as opposed to buying on the door!