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Dreaming and the Subconscious: Getting to the Root of Lunar's Energies!

Dreaming is a powerful and amazing way to access your subconscious mind. It is in dreams where we receive revealing insights, wisdom, and guidance into waking life- our waking life state. Dreams are a portal shining a light on hidden, invisible, and repressed themes; desires, fantasies, emotions, beliefs, feelings, and even memories. Oh yes, dreams are a gateway to the soul…

As a qualified Dream therapist, I’ve worked with my dreams for many years. But I was lucid dreaming, astral travelling, and astral projecting, moreover navigating the dreamspace long before ever studying the subject to diploma level. Since my mid-teens, actually. It’s in dreams where information from various sources wishe to be known, such as:-

  1. Your subconscious mind
  2. Your Higher Self
  3. Source, god, and the universe (a higher benevolent power)
  4. The divine
  5. The heavenly realm of god or angels
  6. Spirit guides and passed over loved ones
  7. Elders, ancestors, and your personal spirit team

Dreams aren’t just a place we go to recharge our souls and light, they are also portals, gateways, and cosmic bridges to multidimensionality… To our multidimensional selves.
In the words of Zhuangzi, a respect and well-known Chinese philosopher and Daoist, with Daoism being a unique branch of Taoism:

“Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

This famous quote paints a clear picture of the scope and infinite possibilities and nature of the dreamspace. The message is: is this world a dream- is “waking life” in fact a dream, and the real reality the astral and spiritual planes, where our souls are free to grow and travel? From my perspective as both a Dream therapist and Pisces, the astrological sign associated with dreaming, also known as ‘the Dreamer,’ I would suggest the dreamspace is more important than waking life in many respects.

It’s in dreams where we find answers to our deepest questions. Dreams give us direction, subtle guidance, inspiration, clues as to our relationships, and deep and profound wisdom. During sleep, our souls and higher sleeves merge with the infinite- the eternal, supernatural, and quantum-spiritual worlds.

So, I’m sure many of us can resonate with Zhuangzi’s quote on dreaming.

Lunar’s Energies: The Feminine “Yin” Within Us All

We live in a masculine world, seen through the reality of our patriarchal system and the values that come with it. Masculine characteristics include competition, a business-mindset, logic and rationality over feelings and instincts, and calculated and non-emotional approach to waking life matters. The opposite is, of course, feminine attributes and strengths; feelings, instincts, emotional intelligence, sensitivity, empathy, sacredness, intuition, and subtle and spiritual perception.

Everything linked to the Moon is yin or feminine, while qualities of the Sun are yang or masculine.

And it’s no secret that we are currently operating from (predominantly) patriarchal values. The conscious mind is connected to the Sun and solar energies… the subconscious mind is linked to the Moon and lunar energies. Thus, the places we go during sleep are, from an energetic perspective, feminine.

Here are some key attributes of feminine energy you should be aware of:-

  1. The subconscious mind- all repressed, hidden, and denied or rejected memories, desires, and experiences.
  2. Darkness and the shadow self. In daytime while the Sun is our dominant force, we use our conscious minds. It’s not until we’re healed, whole, and balanced or integrated- the key purposes of conscious dreaming, that the subconscious mind is harmonised with the conscious mind. I.e. we use both in equal measure.
  3. Divine laws, sacred order, invisible and subtle energy currents, ancient wisdom, and powerful spiritual, psychic, and intuitive gifts are connected to the Moon’s tides and waves (just as logic, intellect, wit, cerebral gifts, and physical strength, stamina, and capabilities are connected to the Sun).
  4. The Moon symbolises our passive, yielding, and receptive selves; our ability to go with the flow, surrender to fate or destiny, and embrace our astral and multidimensional selves. In a world where emphasis is put on ambition, assertiveness, and direct force, willpower, and competition, the divine feminine attributes tend to go overlooked!
  5. Other key qualities of the female/Moon/subconscious part of the self include: potent instincts, dormant spiritual gifts, potent magnetism, multidimensional awareness, and a deep connection with both sacredness and the shadow self.

Holistically, the Moon represents darkness, and darkness is something we tend to deny, reject, and repress. Carl Jung, one of our world’s best psychologists, came up with a set of “universal archetypes” that include the Shadow Self. The shadow self is also referenced in many shamanic, spiritual, and healing traditions and cultural practices. Yet, it’s in darkness where our greatest gifts are found- at least the gifts that aren’t celebrated and nurtured in waking life (traditional schooling, a consumerist and business-minded economy,).

Quite simply darkness is a direct route, or the root of, dreaming and all the amazing wisdom found here. And darkness requires love, faith, and trust in the divine spirit and benevolent power of the universe.
As quoted from my book on the dreamspace, ‘Pisces Dream Astrology- The Dreamer:’

We have yet to integrate our whole, unified, and complete selves (on a collective level, although we are waking up). Life is a balance of light and dark, active and passive, and dominance & action and receptivity- of surrendering and going with the flow. Too much action and force results in the inability to surrender and be open to receive, therefore affecting the ability to dream. It’s well known that many people in this day and age suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and poor sleep. Pisces as the most spiritually evolved sign aims to address this, they heal this issue with their core frequency… Also, sensuality, sacred sexuality, and intuitive and instinctive gifts are tied into the subconscious and shadow. These are all predominantly feminine in nature and essence. Realigning with any one of these can help you develop self-awareness, compassion, unconditional love, and other beautiful & necessary qualities. Sex is sacred too, or should be. It’s a sacred act connecting two hearts, minds, bodies and souls. But, when we’re not in tune with our inner sensuality and divine feminine wisdom, which comes with a pure and strong heart and a sharpened intuition; we close ourselves off to spirit, inner divinity, and the sacredness of life. And, of course, to authentic & deep emotional bonds and intimate relationships.

Dreams send messages into our repressed desires, emotions, sensuality, and sexuality. They show us how, where, and why we’re operating in specific ways, and they then assist us in changing to attain self-mastery. As for instincts and intuition, our intuition is the guiding force of light. It is our inner light and internal compass, so not being able to connect to subconscious and subtle energies, or the power and energy of the Moon, makes us less likely to dream and receive the insight, wisdom and messages available.
SOURCE: Pisces Dream Astrology- The Dreamer

As you can see, there are many benefits to dreaming that can’t be found in the emphasis we put on masculine qualities. Without going too deep into this topic, masculine energy tends to be linked to the yang elements, fire and air, while feminine energy is aligned with yin energy- earth and water. You can research and consult your natal chart for deeper insight and self-discovery. For instance, where your Sun, Moon, and Rising plus other signs fall, so you can understand yourself better. ‘Is my primary personality naturally more yang or yin?’ ‘How can my Moon sign help me with the qualities I’m missing or in excess of with my Sun sign?’ And so forth. (Here is a free link.)

Feminine VS Masculine Energy: Luna and Sol

Actually, astrology does play an integral role in our “inner blueprint”- our fundamental personality strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, gifts, flaws, and talents. Those of us with strong earth and water placements (natal/birth chart reference) will be naturally more in tune with lunar energies. While those with more fire and air placements may find it harder to access the dream worlds, and therefore the powerful abilities that come with it.

Astrology is not the be-all-end-all, but it does have a strong influence over us. So, getting to the root of lunar’s energies can be helped with an exploration of your natal chart. Here are two prime examples:

  1. You are a Sagittarius Sun sign, but have a Cancer Moon placement: Your primary personality (Sun) is masculine, dominant, energetic, optimistic, and youthful. You’re full of energy, assertive, and more yang than yin. But your Moon is in Cancer, a deeply emotional, instinctive, and feminine placement. This makes you navigate the dreamspaces and realms with ease, something that would be difficult with, say, a fire or air Moon sign.
  2. You are a Pisces Sun sign, but have an Aries Moon placement: As a Dream therapist, the cosmic guidance would suggest a difficult time entering the astral and spiritual dimensions during sleep for advanced wisdom. Aries is associated with the head and cerebral, cognitive, and psychological processes, as well as potent physical instincts, drives, and physical capabilities. But, this person’s Sun sign is in Pisces, a deep, mystical, and transcendental water sign with a direct link to the spiritual and subtle planes. The Pisces aspect provides a direct cord to the dream space through the Higher Self, in a way this person’s Aries Moon might not be able to.

Astrology has many layers and angles. We’re multidimensional after all; many of us also have balanced charts- not everyone will be polarised to an extreme, like masculine or feminine. In my professional opinion, it is worth exploring your birth chart when attempting to find wisdom and guidance in your dreams. Dreams are ultimately gateways into the soul and into our whole self. They are here to show us what “vibratory state” we’re operating at, and if we’re going in the right direction. Am I aligned to my true path?’ ‘What is emotional frequency right now?’ ‘Is my health on point?’ ‘Am I still holding onto past wounds?’ ‘What needs to heal and be released in my life?’ These are just a few questions the subconscious mind brings to light.

✦ Dreams can help you access your soul gifts and talents. Additionally, you can travel to unseen worlds, unique places of the soul and psyche, and engage in precognitive or prophetic dreaming for healing, insight, and divine inspiration or revelation. You may also want to consult your dreams for everyday answers, like guidance on relationships, health, career, life path, emotional or psychological matters, physical or spiritual issues, and home, family, or financial life. All in all, dreams are a pathway to self-discovery, inspiration, and personal awakening.

A brief history of dreaming:
People have been dreaming for thousands of years. 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia the earliest recorded writings of dreams were found. You may have heard of the “25,000 clay tablets...” Well, these came from the oldest living library where dreams were significantly mentioned. Ancient Egyptians were also very connected to their dreams; they had dream temples just like the Ancient Greeks. Dream temples served as places people could go for healing and to connect to their subconscious selves, through the power of conscious dreaming. Ancient Indian and Tibetan texts depicted the importance and power of dreams too, specifically as a tool for spiritual enlightenment.
The Christian Bible shares God appearing before men and prophets, i.e. spiritually and psychically/astrally aware people, in dreams. Tibetan Buddhists believe dreams are portals or gateways for realising illusion after death. There is a reason why Hippocrates was and still is known as the father of Greek medicine- one of his famous writings was called “On Dreams,” and ancient Greece was one of the first few cultures in more modern times (i.e. not going as far back as Sumeria and Mesopotamia) that suggested prophetic, diagnostic, and psychologically and spiritually revealing dreams were real. The father of modern philosophy Plato was also a big believer in dreams.
So, it’s clear dreams and dreaming are a huge part of our human timeline…

The Eternal Flow of Yin and Yang

Specifically when exploring the subconscious mind, it's important to be aware of the eternal dance or flow of yin and yang. The duality symbol depicts this flow. We tend to use our conscious minds in waking life, but in dreams the subconscious mind comes alive. The purpose of dreamwork is to be more in tune with your subconscious mind in waking life, so, in turn, your higher mind comes alive during sleep.

This creates a “loop” effect whereby each feeds each other, in a positive way. Visualise the Moon’s receptive, feminine, and instinctive qualities for the black parts (yin). Keep in mind the conscious, masculine, and solar qualities for the white (yang) areas.

The Yin/Yang Duality Symbol: Ideal to meditate to before sleep!

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a qualified, passionate, and experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Dream therapist, Reflexologist, Crystal healer, Herbalist, and Chi Kung practitioner. She is a self-taught Astrologer of 15+ years, as well as an experienced sound and shamanic healer. She’s a visionary, storyteller, and poet who can be found at:
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