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Rach Cox

Panel talk: "Spirituality going from niche to mainstream, a good thing or bad?"

  • 25 Saturday
  • 13:15 - 14:00
  • FREE

Workshop Details

A group discussion on spirituality going from niche to mainstream.
Featuring Rach as moderator as well as Kwali Kumara, Dirish Shaktidas and Vaun. 

Questions from the audience are welcome, so please come and join in this not-to-be-missed talk! 

Presenter Bio

Rach has a background in dance, art, martial arts and law. For years she pursued a career in law after graduating from Queen Mary university, London and BPP Law School. She returned to her first love of holistic therapy. It came naturally to her as she had been raised in an environment that welcomed and encouraged complimentary therapies. One of her biggest influences is her mother who practiced homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, iridology and massage for many years. Rach has traveled the world to complete her various trainings and brings her unique zest for life to everything she does. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine: humour is a huge part of what she delivers. She continues her personal and professional development on an annual basis, keeping up to date with the latest knowledge from around the world, developing her practice, therapies and of course, herself. She thoroughly loves meeting people and creating an awesome space for them to develop deeper into themselves. Empowering others is her Dharma.

 Kwali Kumara is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga and gong meditation teacher. She creates a high vibrational, safe, sacred space for healing and transformation to occur. Her nurturing nature, passionate energy and colourful heart-felt enthusiasm for the teachings is highly infectious and motivating. Kwali is also a Serpent Healer, Sacred Ceremonialist and Mantra Artist having produced four albums with composer Pete Ardron. Their music is an ‘ancient future fusion’ that merges both her dance music past with her yoga teaching present. She is an accomplished multiple Gong player with over a decade of experience in sacred sound. Kwali is a Shamanic energy healer and all round Creatrix. She is a resident presenter, curator and host of the ‘Ceremony Space' for the Mind Body Spirit Festival London and Birmingham. 

Dirish is a London based yoga teacher immersed in the world of holistic healing. Internationally trained by world renowned teachers he has been practising yoga and meditation for over 10 years. Having grown up within a Hindu household with sacred mantras, Dirish combines his deep knowledge of movement, mindful meditation and sound, With his unique blend of Shakti Dance, Yin Yoga and Eastern Philosophy, he creates an inspiring, dynamic and elevating setting.

Vaun (They/Them) is a London based wellbeing facilitator. Who has been guiding modalities such as Yoga, Pilates, Sound healing, Kirtan and Reiki for over eight years In a variety of environments.
They believe that their role as a guide, should be intrinsic to the origins of the healing practices, adapting to the subtle nuances of modern living. They endeavour to live and reflect upon their teachings with consistent study and practice, to elevate their ability to disseminate and produce knowledge. In recent years Vaun has focused on creating more accessibility and diversity, by aligning with wellbeing focused charity and CIC initiatives such The Black wellbeing Collective. Founding the 11th House which supports the cultivation of well-being and authentic connections in sober spaces for Queers. Joining Papaloko Party which hosts queer centred, spiritual raves. Whilst co-facilitating events with Mandem on The mat which provides Yoga, Sound healing and wellbeing workshops for Black Men.

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