main stage

Rach Cox

Spiritual Stand-Up Comedy

  • 24 Friday
  • 13:45 - 14:15
  • FREE

Workshop Details

Come and have some laughs on us with the seriously funny Mind Body Spirit Festival podcast host and Om + Bass founder, Rach Cox.

Presenter Bio

Om & Bass Founder and Creator, Rach, also the host of the MBS Wellbeing Podcast, has travelled to India to consult various esteemed yogis to get some invaluable insight whilst developing the set sequence of chakra yoga flows. The chakra dances are a blend of Qi Gong, Mindful Movement, Meditative Dance and Euphoric Conscious Raving.

The participants are lovingly guided, their space is held and they often exceeded their own expectations. First timers are frequently astounded by their experience and the repeat Om & Bassers just come back for more.

Rach wanted to create a fun yoga dance workshop....this has been realised in the Om & Bass 2 hour workshop which she teaches all over the world. She then built the festival around the essence of that workshop. Pure, natural, euphoric highs, creating abundant wellbeing in harmony with the ear. 

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