Tamu Thomas

The Everyday Joy Assembly

  • 28 Friday
  • 11:15 - 13:15
  • £25.00

Workshop Details

Do you want to experience more joy day to day whilst holding space for your other emotions? Would you like to develop a relationship with your inner critic so that you can learn how to turn the volume down and identify useful data? How about learning how to meet yourself and others with more compassion and less judgement? What about being in an environment that enables you to remember that fun is healing too?

I invite you and your inner child to join me in an interactive workshop designed to bring some joy and laughter to your healing journey without spiritually bypassing or spending too long with the heavy stuff! 

I present the Everyday Joy assembly. Part inspirational talk, part workshop, part school style assembly with a few junior school bangers - 'morning has broken' anyone! Along with some 80's and 90's pop tunes. I'm talking Gloria Estafan, Kris Kross, Neneh Cherry, Bros, Dee-Lite, Mary J Blige, The Bangles, Prince and more!

You will be inspired, sing your heart out, dance, learn some new stuff and experience the healing power of fun!

You will need your hairbrush microphone, a notepad, a pen, an open heart and your best dancing trainers!

Presenter Bio

Tamu Thomas is an emotional well-being coach, writer, workshop facilitator, podcaster and Non-Linear Movement practitioner who helps over-functioning, overworking, high achieving women fall in love with themselves so they can make powerful choices about how they live, love and work.

Tamu’s work combines somatics, social work and spirituality with science and soulful systems. She is person-centred, evidence-based, trauma-informed, human-paced, nurturing, intuitive, loving and playful. Tamu’s holistic approach to supporting the bodies, minds and experience of her clients makes her work nurturing, deep and unique – just like her.

Tamu’s work is informed by her background of sixteen years in social work, somatic coach training, her love of behavioural neuroscience and polyvagal theory, positive psychology, spirituality and joy. Tamu combines these modalities to create a multifaceted body of work that helps her clients stop using anxiety as a productivity tool and stop normalising burnout. Tamu’s work helps her clients understand who they are so they may begin to tend to their needs, feel safe in their bodies, befriend themselves and begin to enjoy who they are. 

Tamu supports her clients and workshop attendees understand themselves as valuable and worthy of caring for themselves. This enables them to prioritise their own well-being and life satisfaction alongside success and achievement.

Her mission is to help women enhance how they live, love and work by recovering from their addiction to toxic productivity.

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