Stuart Sandeman

Breathpod - LIVE

  • 29 Saturday
  • 11:00 - 13:00
  • £25.00

Workshop Details

This special 2 hour immersive Breathpod workshop will combine breathwork, mindwork and vibey chilled beats to help you super charge your body, free your mind and connect you to a higher state.


Breathpod founder and host of BBC Radio 1’s Decompression Session, Stuart Sandeman, will lead you through a breathing session – a powerful conscious energy breathing practise designed to clear physical, mental and emotional blocks.

This will help to:

– Reduce Stress,

– Improve performance

– Increase recovery

– Improve mental clarity and focus

– Enhance creativity

– Relieve insomnia


Like a meditation hack this experience is the launch pad for deep transformation as you increase energy, creativity and flow while improving emotional intelligence, concentration, sleep and memory.

Presenter Bio

Stuart Sandeman is a globally recognised breathing expert and performance coach. He is the host of BBC Radio 1’s Decompression Session and the founder of Breathpod which helps individuals and groups reach their full potential through the power of breathing.

A Scottish judo champion, former financier and music producer, Stuart came to breathwork after losing his girlfriend to cancer at the age of just 31. He trained as a respiratory coach, studying eastern methodologies and western science. His distinctive approach, rooted in his winning mindset, experience of loss, and practical outlook, is designed to disrupt negative thought patterns, beliefs and habits so people can gain a healthier perspective on how they live.

Stuart has since helped transform the lives of thousands of people, working with businesses such as Google, Nike and Spotify, as well as Olympic athletes and creative artists.

His work has been featured in numerous publications including The Times, The Evening Standard and The Guardian.

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