Karen Ruimy

Healing Of The Inner Child

  • 29 Saturday
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • £25.00

Workshop Details

Channeling the guidance and healing energies.


Channeling the guidance and healing energies from the Ascended Masters, the Goddess Energy, and the Pleiadians to heal your inner child. You’ll learn spiritual tools and methods channeled from the Ascended Masters to positively transform your life. The deep inner work in your Room of Creation, which holds your past, present and future. This workshop involves releasing all blocks within you, healing your chakras, light activation in the Goddess energy, rediscovering your Divinity, and living in 5D consciousness. You get to uncover your immense gifts and shift your reality in the here and now.

Presenter Bio

Karen Ruimy is a bestselling spiritual author and multidimensional healer who has helped thousands of clients integrate and ascend through her workshops and webinars on Inner Child healing, spiritual transformation, and soul empowerment. She is the author of The Angel’s Metamorphosis and The Voice of the Angel. Karen was born in Morocco, raised in Paris, travels frequently around the world, and has her home base in London. She had her spiritual awakening at 28 when despite being a successful banker with an MBA, had a complete turnaround and found her true soul’s calling. Her awakening brought her to channel Ascended Masters, Archangels, Extradimensional Beings, and the Goddess Energy in her multidimensional energy healing sessions. She inspires people to embody their soul presence, teaches the way to 5th-dimensional living, being in alignment with your higher self, and the importance of loving and caring for oneself. Living in her soul presence, she is also a singer and dancer who has released albums and performed in concerts around the world. She shares her gifts and helps people in their healing, transformation and ascension through her monthly webinars, channeling sessions.

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