Flavia Kate Peters

Empowerment & Manifestation

  • 28 Friday
  • 16:15 - 18:00
  • £25.00

Workshop Details

Awaken your true potential as you work magically with the moon to manifest your desires.


The ancients considered the moon to be the 'Mother of Witchcraft', accessing its lunar magick for transformational powers. For magick and spellcasting can be enhanced by working in conjunction with the moon’s cycles. Join High Priestess & best selling author, Flavia Kate, to become acquainted with the phases of the moon, moon magick and the Triple goddess that rules over each phase. Discover how to magically cast spells in conjunction with Moon phases and work with candle magick to bring about your desires and wishes. This empowering interactive workshop includes ritual, spells and altar work. 

Presenter Bio

Flavia Kate Peters is a Celebrity Witch, High Priestess and best selling author of 10 oracle decks & 7 books to date. Recognised as the UK’s leading elemental expert she is a teacher of natural & ancient magick. Flavia Kate trains others through her magickal professional certification courses at the College of Psychic Studies, London, and is a regular Presenter on the Mind Body Spirit & Pagan circuits. Flavia is a Moon Priestess, working medium and clairvoyant, whose television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy, along with various guest slots for BBC Radio. She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny magazine and is a columnist for FAE Magazine and Witchcraft & Wicca. Her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after wisdom keeper, and her mission is to keep the magick of the Old Ways alive!

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