Claire Stone

Embodying the Wisdom Teachings of the Divine Feminine Archangels

  • 30 Sunday
  • 13:30 - 15:15
  • £25.00

Workshop Details

Reclaim your gifts and align with your purpose.


Discover the sacred teachings of the Divine Feminine Archangels to expand your spiritual awareness and reconnect to your higher purpose. In this session, you will: Discover how to communicate with the Archeiai. Identify which angel is best-suited to help you at this time. Gain insight into your Soul's purpose. You will take part in healing meditations, activations, and exercises to help you to open up to and absorb angelic healing frequencies.

Presenter Bio

Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author, founder of the award-winning academy The Angel Mystery School (Winner, Best Spiritual Course 2021) and Psychic Development Expert at Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

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